Switching Medicare Plans

In this FAQ Friday video, find out when you have to medically qualify to switch Medicare Plans. Watch the video and discover when you need to answer medical questions and how the Medicare underwriting process works. 

In the video, MedicareBob says you will need to medically qualify under the following circumstances:

  • Switching from Medicare Advantage to Medicare Supplement
  • Switching from Medigap Plan to different Medigap Plan

Moreover, you will need to pass medical underwriting if your first enrollment in a Medigap Plan is outside your initial open enrollment.

Switching Medicare Plans

Furthermore, MedicareBob says, “if you are not medically eligible to upgrade, you will not be able to.” In other words, to switch Medicare plans, you need to pass medical underwriting. Furthermore, he says, “if you do not get a supplement when you first turn 65, you will have to medically qualify later in life to get one.” MedicareBob says carriers have “a set of about twenty different health questions.” Discover some of the most common underwriting questions.

When medical underwriting is not required

You have a Guaranteed Issue Right to all Medicare Plans when you first turn 65. During your initial Open Enrollment Period, all Medicare carriers must provide coverage regardless of your health condition. Moreover, insurance providers can not charge you more because of your health issues.

Switching Medicare Plans

If you have a Medigap Plan and want to switch carriers and save money, you can change your supplement plan anytime. However, if you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, you only have one Medigap enrollment period. Senior Healthcare Direct can help you shop and save on your Medigap Plan. Find out if you medically qualify by calling 1-855-368-4717 or get your quote.