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I would recommend Robin Z. to everyone I meet. Whoever is reading this give Robin a double salary increase. She went above and beyond other experiences I've had. You don't provide enough "STARS" for this lady. Sincerely, Judy

Vickii - LA, United States

I was told I would receive a follow up call about dental and vision a week after I spoke to my agent. I received no call. My agent told me to call her if they didn't call. She gave me her extension. I have called three days in a row and left a message but have received no call from her. Customer Service said they would give my information and number to her supervisor so I could talk to another agent. No call. I am almost out of my current coverage so this is time sensitive. I am contacting other agencies to help me.

Elaine - TX, United States

Tammy answered all of my questions and explained everything very well.

Joe - PA, United States

My experience with your company was very efficient. Medicare options were full explained and I understood much more than I did before the phone call. Thank you for making these decisions easy for me.

S Morgan - PA, United States

I am retiring shortly and making the move from my employer's healthcare to Medicare B and a supplement plan. I have been receiving a plethora of information in the mail and found it very confusing. Tammy Ballard, my representative, explained everything to me in a succinct, professional manner. She took her time, answered all my questions and offered me options that worked for me personally. I felt very secure in the choices that I made and always felt as though she was working in my best interest. It was truly a pleasure to work with her.

Susie G - NJ, United States

Please extend my heartfelt thanks to Tiffany Stepp who is a brilliant sales advocate. She's trustworthy, intelligent, laser focused and a pleasure to talk to. John


I was wandering the internet trying to get some Medicare Part B and supplemental insurance info. What a beat down. Until I found you all and Evan helped me make sense of everything and make informed choices. The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. I would have never figured out all this on my own! Use these guys!!!

Randy P - TX, United States

My 1st experience with your company. Sales person Robin very knowledgeable in your products. No pressure involved. Very helpful with everything. Now is up to the companies you represent to be the same way.

Anonymous Customer

Karen was very good and knowledgeable about my needs. She was very good at explaining the difference in the plans. I would recommend her to my friends that need supplement plans. Thanks Karen.

Tom C - WV, United States

I'm very impressed with the Senior Healthcare Direct assistance I received from Cheryl Sawyer. She was encouraging, upbeat, and helpful in every way possible. During my most stressful times when I wasn't sure I was going to meet my deadline for retirement, she calmed my fears and walked me through each step I needed to take. I truly believe Cheryl was a godsend and I can't say enough positive things about her! Thank you for being such a wonderful assisting company, and I will recommend you to any of my friends.

Joy - VA, United States

Karen was very polite and helpful. She had answers for all of my questions. A very kind and patient lady.

Marie - WV, United States

I was surprised when mark Meeker called me. I was thinking "How did he know that I was retiring?" Tell me How did he know? Also I got a message that they're taking out the first payment within 72 hours. I thought that they will take out of my checking account on the 1st of July. That is the first day of my retirement. I'm not even retired yet. June 30th is my last day of working. i really would like to know why.

Elizabeth - NJ, United States

I called to get help changing medicare supplement plans. Mine was going up over $30.00 per month. They gave several options and helped me decide which would work best for me. My agent was Tiffany Ellis and she was great very helpful, knowledgeable and empathetic. Could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you so much.

Judy S - MO, United States

Very helpful, considerate and pleasant.

M. Nelsen - NE, United States

Karen Marino was extremely helpful and made my decision making easy and answered all my questions. She made it painless with no stress. I would recommend her name to anyone.

Lauren Schaap - IA, United States

Rebecca notified me by phone that my current insurance was increasing and that I could save $80 dollars a month by switching to Athena with the same Plan G. That is a savings of $960 a year. It was so easy by phone to apply. I was notified in 24hrs that the application had been excepted. It was such a pleasure to work with Rebecca. Thank you so much!

Pat - MD, United States

I was with another company, when I received a phone call from an agent telling me about better Insurance. I decided to try it. My problem is other Insurances go up sustancially for certain reasons. Yes, we are getting older but some of us are heathier, exercise more and try to eat heathier. Covid has changed us a lot. Our habits have changed the way we live life. Basically, we all try to be better. Some of us are living the best we can with whatever issues we have. I was paying $107.00 monthly. I am paying 115.00 with Humana. ooops I am paying more. Didn't remember what I was paying as I was with Aetna for about 8 months. I just want to feel like I am not getting ripped off.

Blondie - TX, United States

Jill Taylor was very awesome. She followed through and was very helpful in many ways

Michael M - AZ, United States

Leigh Ana Marino was wonderful in explaining in detail regarding Medicare insurance as to the differences and how each plan work. She was not in a hurry with explaining. I appreciate the concern provided and no push to purchase. Great service!

Linda Jean Oliver - GA, United States

It was painless.

M. Decker - MI, United States

I began my buying experience with Robin Zelinsky in 2017, the year I retired from the Johns Hopkins University. She has helped me more than once with my health care shopping needs. I am at awe with her knowledge of the insurance industry. I am a senior, and I do not understand the different plans; or which one of them has the best coverage and price me. I appreciate the work that the Senior Health Care Direct is doing to assist senior's with difficult decisions relating to their medical coverage. The Medicare Bob's Office has presented the knowledge and experience needed to assist me with my insurance selections and pricing. Thank you, Thank you.

Carolyn J - MD, United States

.p.good personal help

- SC, United States

I am always pleased with the courteous and professional manner with which you meet my insurance coverage needs. I appreciate your attention to obtaining the best and most economical plan for me, and I highly recommend your services.

Katherine F - OH, United States

I was very satisfied with the agent (Noelle), but very disappointed when I was contacted by the Customer Care representative the next day to verify my policy approval. It was very clear that was given either little or no information about my policy, as she gave me wrong information. She was obviously very frustrated in trying to do her job, as she was given no direction from management other than to call me and let me know I've been approved for a Part G policy. Your management needs to get its act together!

Larry - NC, United States

I am very pleased with my experience with senior health care direct . They are always looking at your account for ways to save you money. I do not have to look. Thanks.

G.L. N - LA, United States

Tammy Ballard helped me find the right Medicare Supplement Plan. She made is easy to understand and then got me the best price. I also received an approval call two days later and a young woman helped me cancel my old coverage. I highly recommend Senior Healthcare Direct.


Thank you so very much for your help! The person/s I talked to, the fact that the insurance company accepted me....just so very helpful!!

Myrlene - TN, United States

My experience from beginning to end was simply wonderful! Your agent Robin Zelinzky was a true professional, caring and knowledgeable and very patient. I can't speak more highly of every person I came in contact with

Alex F - OR, United States

The entire experience with Mark was terrific! He is knowledgeable, very experienced and helpful. Don't miss the opportunity to work with him! AND he found a planG that saved me $98 every month over my planF with another company, which had been going up every year. I first called my existing plan company to see if they could reduce my premium as I had been a customer since I turned 65. They were going to charge me an application fee to change plans! That's when I found SeniorHealthCareDirect.com and I am so glad I did!

Bonnie T

Experience was very satisfying. Markus was most courteous and helpful. Very friendly and not pushy at at all A very satisfying experience

Linda - AL, United States

Robin Zelinsky was a pleasure to work with. She was extremely knowledgeable of all the products available to myself which made the process easy to understand including the costs associated with each.

Peter B

After the sale, no oñe will respond. Melissa, who answered the phone is curt, rude, & deliberately unhelpful as though it is a burden to assist. I am cancelling this policy.

Peter J M - GA, United States

Good morning, I just turned 65 and retired from Setpoint Integrated Solutions after 39 1/2 years of service as an account manager. It's sad I didn't make my 40 years, but that's how the cookie crumbles. I had been stressing for weeks, and was very apprehensive to complete and pick a Medicare supplement. But I took the dive, and was put in contact with Michael Coleman who was very knowledgeable and professional. I was so glad Michael is now my new customer service person. It's obvious he is seasoned and he cares. I had a lot of questions, which he addressed one at a time. Michael took a major burden off my back, in so much I feel good about the future. I've started an intense exercise program, riding my bike and dancing. My attitude is so much better, just ask my husband and my kittens. They all love me once more.

Sharon L - TX, United States

After a few glitches with v-mails showing up as scam calls, my issues were resolved very patiently and pleasantly. I so much appreciate the help I received.



Barbara - OR, United States

ROBIN was very professional and helpful.she took her time to explain every option to me

Denise - MD, United States

Very happy with the service afforded me by seniorhealthcaredirect.com

Robin Z - CO, United States

Robin Zelinsky helped with all my needs & answered all questions!! Overall I'm completely satisfied with the plan!!

Mary M - TX, United States

I sincerely appreciate the patience, understanding, compassion and the professional attitude of the service I received as a customer. You have the uncanny ability to make me feel more like a friend than a statistic.

Steve P - CA, United States

I was referred to Robin by JHU colleagues and she exceed my expectations in service and product offerings. I will refer others to Robin!

Nancy S - MD, United States

Everyone has been helpful. First impression from Candice were clear, she explained Medicares different parts and answered my questions very capably. The informational videos are a big help also.

David - PA, United States

I reached out through an online ad and Michael Coleman called me back. We spoke several times, during which I moved to a new city, so he had to start over researching new plans. He was very professional and patient, and his followup was timely and consistent. I never felt as though I was taking up too much of his time, and I also never felt like he was bothering me with the followup phone calls. I will stay with him for next years review of my plan, and I have recommended him to my sister, who will be turning 65 years old this summer. Thank you for helping me to navigate my way through Medicare.

Mary - CA, United States

I just turned 65 in November 2020, I was bombarded with calls about Medicare A and B and supplement plans. I was misinformed several times by other providers and I switched 2 or 3 times. I finally called the Senior Healthcare direct, I spoke with Kimberly McGill. She was very knowledgeable about A and B and G plans and even helped me with other plans, on getting my Vision, dental and prescriptions. I explained it was very confusing, and she made me feel better about everything. Others did not tell me, I did not have vision or dental, but she explained up front, it would be small additional cost to get it, however, I didn't care that it cost a little more, just that I was covered. She should be the one who explains to others on the videos, because she made it much more understandable and seamless. I have given your number to 3 other friends who are turning 65 soon, and told them to ask for Kimberly McGill only. I am extremely happy with my new plan, All I can say now, is THANK YOU very much !

D Trudi Simroth - IL, United States

agent very knowledgeable & to the point for what i needed. I hope the future works out well

TomS - SC, United States

I spoke with a Robin Zelinsky--how I wish all customer service folks were like her--she was very knowledgeably and had a unique way of being able to explain the program that I was interested in, being 92 yrs. I am not as `quick` as I used to be--also, she spoke so clearly and had a beautiful sense of humor to go with her personality and face. Keep her--promote her, she is an exceptional additional to s.h.care.

Ardith E - OK, United States

Swift, kind, informative service that really helps guide you in the right direction for YOUR needs. Very accessible by e-mail or phone, with thorough follow on pending matters. It really was and is more than I expected. Remember they're on EST so plan your communication scheduling. The agents seem to enjoy what they're doing and are pleasant.

W.B. L - CA, United States

My new agent is Robin Zelinsky. Wow! What can I say? She does her job very well and was fun to talk to. She really knows the products and was great at explaining the differences between them. She made the application process a breeze and I look forward to having Robin continue to be my "go-to" person knowing she will get anything I need taken care of done. The company is fortunate to have her on their team. LJS Charlotte

Lee S - NC, United States

Hello, I have been dealing with Robin Zelinsky for a while for my insurances and have been very satisfied and she always emails or phone me for any issues. She does an excellent job and I wanted to let you know. Plus she has even called me late hours to answer my important insurance questions (especially since I am single) which is wonderful and alot of agents do not do that. Marie

Marie Sonderman - MD, United States

Robin was awesome. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. She treated me with respect and was very patient. She is an asset to your company. You don't find many people like her today

Mary - TX, United States

Choosing a Medicare option for my husband and myself was a daunting task. Jordan walked me thru every question and every step of the process. I was glad to have had the help and the feedback.

Susan - MI, United States

Each question I asked was answered with knowledge and kindness.Thank you for helping me.

Nancy G - NC, United States

Explanation of benefits explained & received well & addressed all my concerns. Won't have a problem contacting them in the future to advise me on getting me the best deals on coverage.

HAROLD - DE, United States

After several missed calls, I finally connected with Rebecca. She was warm and personable, knowledgeable and professional, and made it a pleasure to do business.

B Cash - TN, United States

AGENT Faith was outstanding.

Dottie - AL, United States

I like seniorcaredirect since more than.10 years.l already recommended almost whole family helps us a lot , easy to talk to and they have patient advise are very precise lot to learn about health care. Continue.good.job.

Zenaida M - IL, United States


Joe - FL, United States

Very helpful with good advice on different matters discussedRyput

Rutland - MS, United States

I needed to change my Medicare Supplement and it was accomplished

Larrine A - NM, United States


bill - CO, United States

Tiffany is great! Knowledgeable, helpful, patient, kind, thorough.

Russ R

The application process was easy and Marcus answered all my questions. If you have any concerns over your present Supplemental Health Care, give these folks a call.

Sonja - OK, United States

After being jerked around by another company and the complicated system in general ,Robin and Bob were a godsend

Dazed and confused in N - NC, United States

We were pleased with this company and the rep we spoke with answered all our questions and was just great! Thank You Robin Zelinsky

Glenn N - OK, United States

I felt confidant in the advice and reasons given for selecting plans. Various options were reviewed and costs and benefits weighed.

knowledgeable h

My representative was very patient, professional, knowledgeable. I felt that she gave me the best price for and she followed up with every concern that I had. I would recommend this agent to my friends and relatives. She solved all of my request. I will be contacting her about dental soon.

Joyce H - GA, United States

Mark Meeker was excellent. He was very informative and took the time to clear up and concerns or questions I had. I will recommend him at every opportunity

Steve - FL, United States

Robin was very professional and informative each time i spoke with her. explained every aspect to where I could under stand. She made me feel comfortable enough that I didn't mind asking questions. Returned all of my called as promised. I could not have ask for any better service. It was #1

Bobbie A - MS, United States

My agent is Robin and she is AWESOME! She went well beyond my expectations to find the best deal for me, not only for my medical plan but also for my medicines, too. I would love to meet her and give her a great big hug.

Momma D - TX, United States

Very helpful. Knowledgeable. Explained everything in a language that someone not knowing anything about health insurance could understand and helped me make my decision that was best for me

JanJ - PA, United States

It was wonderful to speak with someone who is both professional and pleasant. He is very knowledgeable and answered my questions with good explanations

Jerri - MD, United States

You make everything very easy, it's a pleasure to work with your people

Johni. Slaughter - AZ, United States

overall you service was good I appreciated the e mails keeping me in formed

Anonymous Customer

With the number of health care plans on the market, it is it is so helpful to find a service that can advise you on your options. I couldn't possibly research all of them. Thank you!

Satisfied S - IL, United States

We worked with Kim Keller and she is super. She stayed with us through the entire process where my husband needed to add Part B, as just retired at 69 1/2, through getting him set up with a plan that fits his needs.

Really Great Customer Service getting set up on a p - NJ, United States

They found me a plan with a much lower premium and better coverage than I had. You won't regret contacting seniorhealthcaredirect.com.

Nancy P - MI, United States

Wonderful experience, Brad Taylor was very courteous and professional at all times. Very satisfied with the service I received

Valerie - WA, United States

I worked with Robin Zelinsky. She was great to deal with. She was patient with my questions and very thorough with the analysis of what I was purchasing. She provided great support for me to understand my options. I would recommend Robin to others looking to purchase additional Medicare coverage. Thanks Robin!

Betsey Z - PA, United States

Robin was extremely helpful and very pleasant. She explained all my options and answered all my questions. Very satisfied with the experience.

Kathy - WA, United States

Received good advice & were able to complete the process. Very good service. Thanks Nanjappa Reddy

Nanjappa R - WI, United States

Great service. No issues. All questions answered.

Dennis H - VA, United States

Robin Zelinsky is absolutely the best representative. She is very professional, kind, knowledgeable, patient, and caring. She puts her customers before anything else. She is a great asset to Senior Healthcare Direct (MedicareBob). She is definitely top-notch. We highly recommend her to all.

Rev. David & Belinda O - NJ, United States

I was most impressed with the fact that Robin Z. emailed me a list of providers and the costs of each insurance company for the state of Arizona. I had previously contacted two other agents with different companies and neither provided me with what I requested. Robin had no problem doing so, my questions were answered, I could tell she had expertise and knowledge in her field, and did not hesitate to utilize her services in choosing my supplement.

Pat C - AZ, United States

Robin was very nice and understanding. She saved me money

Joseph Militello - OR, United States

Service was on spot and timely as well as being professional and courteous


Robin has helped me sort thru this process in the past. She again has found a policy that is giving me the coverage I need but at a more reasonable rate. Many thanks to her.

Joyce - IL, United States

Robin Zelinsky was very helpful and courteous!!!

Anonymous Customer

My agent, Robin Zelinsky was wonderful! Robin answered all my questions, took time to make helpful suggestions and helped with my transition from Hopkins Health to an appropriate replacement. Robin is professional, personable and made sure I was happy with the final healthcare services. She has been on top of everything to make sure it has been a smooth transition for me.

Lynda H - MD, United States

Scott Rush was just absolutely delightful to help me get medical insurance for myself and spouse. As I am about to enter the retirement arena, Scott was extremely professional and knowledgeable about all the available programs and made what could have been a very uncomfortable process - a much less stressful undertaking. Corporations and businesses' are representative of their employees moral and professional conduct. You are most fortunate to have Scott on your team. Many thanks to him for his time spent and for his true professionalism.

Lamar B - PA, United States

Very pleased

Jane S - MD, United States

Senior Healthcare Direct representatives find more precise choices tailored to your individual needs than were available on-line.

LW - WA, United States

Mark was very patient with me. My hearing is not very good, so I had to ask for repeats several times. Mark is a pro at what he does. thanks, to everyone at Medicare Bob.

Danny P - SC, United States

I was referred to the Senior Healthcare office by our financial advisor. I received understandable advice about Medicare supplement vs Advantage options and made an informed decision to select a Medigap plans and part D coverage for my wife and me. It was all very easy and helpful

Paul and Barbara N - MD, United States

Mark Meeker had all of the answers to my questions. He helped me through the whole process of medicare sign-up on line. He knows the medicare system from A to Z.

NO MORE S - MI, United States

My agent Jordan Fine did a fine job and I would recommend him and senior healthcare direct

Anonymous Customer - NJ, United States

Robin has been great to work with. She listens and pays attention to the need I have. Hoping to have her help for a long time.

Dale J - OR, United States

Mark is a great person who helped me get a great policy. Your organization seems to have great customer service and that's what I want. Thanks

Pam w - CO, United States

I am more than delighted to have contacted Senior Health Care Direct! The representative who assisted me was very knowledgeable, professional and courteous. He gave me all the time I needed, answered all my questions and allowed me to feel very secure with my decisions. I felt very well cared for. You folks are like a ballest in this very turbullent sea of health care. I am very appreciative. I love the concept of annual follow-up to re-evalualute the best choices every year. I sincerely thank you for all the kind assistance.

Ann - WA, United States

As a prospective client with many questions, I was connected to Robin Zelinsky...and from then on...the experience got even better. Robin's grasp of my needs made complex choices possible. Her knowledge, her patience and her making the time to research my own questions was invaluable. With the various pros and cons between HMOs and PPOs becomes an imperative choice. Robin's patience and professionalism made my grueling task of comparing the various options much easier. I hope to work with Robin in the years ahead.

Nicolle - IL, United States

Tiffany was very helpful and took her time to explain. She is an asset to your company ☺

Dimitri Chagares - IN, United States

Robin is wonderful. I have repeated my endorsement of her to the person who originally recommended her, at my very large institutional employer in the state of Maryland.

Jed - ME, United States




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