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Medicare and You 2021

Medicare and You 2021

You can read the “Medicare and You 2021” handbook on your computer or eBook reader. It’s free to download the PDF in English or Spanish! Moreover, you can get the PDF handbook in large print, making it easier to read than the paper handbook. Furthermore, you can download and listen to the Medicare and You 2021 audio podcast.

Read it on Your Computer

Download the English PDF or Spanish PDF. This version is the same as your paper handbook. Alternatively, you can download the large print PDF in English or Spanish. To read a PDF document, you will need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.

When you click the PDF links, the document will open inside your web browser. To down the PDF, you can click the folder icon with a down-pointing arrow. Then select “Save File” and click OK. You can now open the PDF and read it using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Sign Up for Paperless

Go paperless and sign up for the e-version of the “Medicare & You” handbook. Complete the form to get your next copy electronically and help save the environment. The electronic version will contain the same information as your trusted paper copy.

Save Paper, Save Trees, Save the World

Find Information Faster

When you download the “Medicare and You 2021” PDF handbook, you can find information faster. For example, you can click on a section in the Contents and instantly go to that section. If the text is too small, you can click the “+” multiple times to make the text larger. Using Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can quickly find words by entering them in the search box.

Download on your eReader

You can read the “Medicare & You” handbook on your eReader. 

Ereaders are smaller and lighter than the “Medicare & You” paper handbook; thus, you can read it anywhere.

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