FAQ Friday: To B or not to B with Medicare

As long as you are working for an employer that has more than 20 employees and you have active group insurance through your employer, you have the option to defer your Medicare and you can start your Medicare when you retire and you will not have a penalty.

If you are turning 65 and you’re retired, you have to take Medicare Part B otherwise you be penalized in the future.

If you are still working but you work for a small company that has under 20 employees, you will most likely have to take your Medicare Part B because your group is not larger than 20 or more.

If you are still working and your company has a group that is larger than 20 people, but you didn’t take their health insurance because you retired from a previous job and you have retirement health insurance benefits through your former employer; you would have to take Medicare Part B or join your current employer’s group plan.