Cigna Medicare Supplement

Cigna Medicare Supplement

Cigna Medicare Supplemen

Cigna Medicare Supplement

Cigna is a Top Medicare Supplement insurance company. This insurance carrier offers 8 Medigap Plans: A, B, C, D, F, high deductible F, G, and N. All Cigna supplement plans provide more coverage benefits than Original Medicare.

In this Medicare article, you can easily compare the benefits of all Cigna plans with our side-by-side Cigna Medigap Plan comparison chart. Moreover, you can download this chart for future reference. First, we will cover the Part A and Part B coverage benefits. Then we will look at what each Cigna Medigap plan covers and costs.

Medicare Part A Hospital Coverage

All Cigna Medicare Supplement plans cover Medicare Part A coinsurance costs. For example, Coronavirus Pandemic stay-at-home orders are causing anxiety and depression in many people across the nation. As a result, you can get inpatient mental health care services from a general hospital or a psychiatric hospital. All Cigna Medigap Plans will pay the 20% coinsurance that Original Medicare does not pay. Moreover, Cigna pays for the following mental health services:

Mental Health Inpatient Care

  • You have an unlimited number of benefit periods in a general hospital, Cigna pays $1408 Part A deductible every benefit period.
  • For a psychiatric hospital, you also have multiple benefit periods and a lifetime limit of 190 days, Cigna pays $1408 Part A deductible.
  • Between 61 days and 90 days, Cigna plans pay $352 coinsurance per day of each benefit period.
  • Ninety-one days and beyond, Cigna pays $704 coinsurance per each lifetime reserve day (100 days) and up to 60 days over your lifetime (160 total days).

The mental health benefits covered by all Cigna Medigap plans can save you over $11,000. For example, you become a mental health inpatient for three months. Cigna would pay your $1408 Part A deductible, and the first 60 days costs $0 coinsurance. In the next 30 days, Cigna would pay $10,560. Thus, your total Cigna Medigap Plan benefit is $11,968.

Whether for mental health or any other illness, you get the same Cigna hospital coverage benefits with Medicare Part A. Furthermore, you also get Medicare Part B medical coverage benefits with Cigna.

Medicare Part B Medical Coverage

All Cigna Medigap plans cover Part B coinsurance costs. For example, you have an e-visits where you communicate with a doctor using an online patient portal without going to the doctor’s office. Using Medicare telehealth is especially important during the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic. All Cigna Medigap plans cover the 20% coinsurance not paid by Original Medicare. Moreover, Cigna plans C and F will pay your e-visit Part B deductible of $198 in 2020. There are several types of health practitioners with whom you can schedule e-visits including: 

  • Doctors
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Physician assistants
  • Licensed clinical social workers
  • Clinical psychologists
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech-language pathologists
Cigna e-visits

In additional to e-visits, Cigna Medigap Plans pay for the following preventive care as well:

  • When colorectal cancer screening discovers the presence of abnormal tissue (polyp), and the doctor removes a sample for later examination, Cigna Medigap plans cover the 20% coinsurance.
  • After you pay the $198 Part B deductible in 2020 (except plans C and F), Cigna Medigap Plans pay 20% coinsurance costs for diabetes self-management training.
  • For men over the age of 50, Cigna plans cover 20% coinsurance for prostate cancer digital rectal exam after you pay the $198 Part B deductible (expect plans C and F).

Specifically, Cigna Medigap Plans C and F pay the $198 Part B deductible. Moreover, Medigap Plan N may require Part B copays for particular medical services.

Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan N

Cigna Medigap Plan N requires you to make copayments in the following cases:

  • An outpatient visit, including e-visits to your doctor, will require up to $20 copayment.
  • An outpatient emergency room visit will require you to pay up to $50 copayment.

However, in the following cases, you will not have to make copayments:

  • After you visit your doctor, you get admitted as an inpatient.
  • After visiting the emergency room, you become an inpatient.

For more details on the benefits of Medigap Plan N, please refer to the comparison chart below. This chart shows Plan N does not cover the following: Part B deductible and Part B excess charges.

Cigna Medigap Plans Comparison Chart

The chart below compares the Medigap Plans side-by-side for all Cigna plans. You can easily compare the coverage benefits of plans A, B, C, D, F, G, and N. The spaces on the chart marked X do not cover that benefit. While the plans marked “100%” does include those benefits.

Cigna Medicare Supplement plans infographic
Cigna Medicare Supplement plans embed or download infographic

Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan C, Plan F, and Plan G 

Medigap plans C, F, and high deductible F, are the only Cigna plans that pay Part B annual deductible of $198 in 2020. However, only Cigna Plan F and Plan G pay Medicare Part B Excess Charges.

Cigna Foreign Travel Emergency Medigap Plans

Cigna has 5 Medigap Plans that cover Foreign Travel Emergency: Plans C, D, F, G, and N. The only Cigna Medigap Plans A and B do not cover Foreign Travel Emergency. After you pay Part B deductible of $198 (except for plans C and F), you will be responsible for paying 20% of the Medicare-approved amount. 

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