Cigna HealthSpring Medicare

Cigna Healthspring and the Medicare market:

Back in 2012 Cigna Cop. purchased HealthSpring of Nashville. Tennessee for $3.8 billion for a larger share of the Medicare market. Cigna has recently announced that they are starting a new marketing campaign branding the two companies together.

Cigna Healthspring Medicare Advantage

This is a good sign if you have a HealthSpring Medicare Advantage Plan, this is an indication that Cigna is going to continue to fund the Plans properly. I do not think that Cigna would co-brand if they thought the HealthSpring Plans were not going to be around for the future.

This really goes along with my previous articles and videos. The smaller Medicare Advantage companies are either going to be purchased by one of the insurance jugernauts, or they are gong to discontinue their Plans.

Cigna HealthSpring Medicare

Robert Bache aka “MedicareBob™”