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Cancer Treatment Medicare Coverage

If you received a diagnosis of cancer, you may be wondering many things, like “Does Medicare cover cancer treatment?” In general, Medicare covers a variety of cancer-related treatments.

Different parts of Medicare can cover different things. Medicare Part A can cover the cost of hospitalizations that may be necessary due to your cancer diagnosis. Medicare Part B can cover cancer-related medical services you may need, including outpatient care.

Also, Medicare cancer coverage may allow for preventive services, such as cancer screenings and testing, as recommended by your provider or health care guidelines.

Does Medicare Cancer Coverage Include Surgery?

If you have Medicare Part A, it can cover your inpatient cancer surgery and treatments while in a hospital setting or the inpatient services you need after that procedure. Part A can also provide coverage for blood transfusions that become necessary during surgery; occupational or physical therapy that’s required after surgery; and the use of a skilled nursing facility after the required minimum three-day stay in the hospital for your surgery.

Part B can cover any outpatient surgery you may need for your cancer treatment. These surgeries are typically done in one day, and you’re able to go home after it. It can be for things such as implantation of a chemotherapy port, diagnostic procedures, biopsies or surgery-related doctor’s visits for your care needs.

Does Medicare Cover Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy uses chemicals to treat cancer. Sometimes it’s used during surgery or with radiation therapy. Generally, you can expect the following:

  • Chemotherapy given during a hospital stay can be covered by Medicare Part A.

  • Part B can cover your care if you receive chemotherapy as a hospital outpatient treatment.

  • Part B can cover chemotherapy you receive in a doctor’s office or freestanding chemotherapy clinic.

  • Medicare Part D can cover chemotherapy-related oral treatments or other prescription drugs used to treat cancer. These are often drugs that Part B may not cover.

Does Medicare cover radiation therapy? Yes, it can cover radiation therapy, and it follows the same coverage guidelines listed above. If it is done during a hospital stay, Part A can provide coverage. If in an outpatient setting, Part B can cover your care.

Do You Have A Medicare Advantage Plan?

A Medicare Advantage plan, also known as Medicare Part C, can provide the same coverage provided by parts A and B through Original Medicare. However, a Medicare Advantage plan may also offer additional coverage.

You may need supplemental insurance for procedures outside of everything mentioned above when it comes to Medicare cancer treatment coverage. Keep in mind that all supplemental coverage is different.


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