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How To Afford Humira on Medicare

Discover how you can afford Humiria under Medicare Part and how much out-of-pocket money you could save.

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Self-administering Humira injections can cost thousands of dollars per month, even with your Medicare coverage.

Humira — the brand name of immunosuppressive drug adalimumab — is often prescribed to treat symptoms of Crohn’s disease but can also be used to combat other conditions like arthritis, plaque psoriasis and ulcerative colitis. 

The amount you’ll pay out-of-pocket for Humira injections will depend on your Medicare coverage, with options to pay through parts B and D. Here’s how it breaks down.

Medicare Parts B & D Humira Coverage

Humira is most affordable when you have a health care professional administer it under Medicare Part B . After paying the Part B deductible for receiving this immunosuppressive drug in-office, you’ll only pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount. 

Medicare Part D can help cover your Humira prescription costs, but the amount covered depends on your chosen plan and can vary by a wide margin: between $7 and $3,014 .

How Can I Lower My Humira Medicare Out-of-Pocket Costs?

It’s possible to get Humira for as little as $5 per month through its official website, but Medicare beneficiaries may be subject to other eligibility guidelines. 

If you are a Medicare beneficiary who needs additional help paying for Humira, you may be eligible for Medicare Part D Extra Help. Those eligible for full low-income subsidy under Extra Help only pay an $8.95 copay for Humira.

However, with the right Medicare Supplement, Humira injections in a doctor’s office or hospital outpatient setting could cost you nothing. Call Senior Healthcare Direct at 1-833-463-3262, TTY 711 to speak with a licensed agent to discover if you qualify for Part D Extra Help or help you find the right Medicare Supplement plan.

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