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Does Medicare Cover Cancer Screenings?

Medicare does cover regular cancer screenings – certain restrictions apply. Learn what tests are available and how often you can get them.

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Advancements in science and technology help make it possible for us to live longer lives. But with aging comes a higher risk of cancer. In fact, people 65 and older account for 70% of the world’s cancer-related deaths.

Studies of men and women over 70 showed the most frequently seen cancer types in women to be breast and colorectal cancers, while lung and prostate cancers were the most frequent types in men.

Armed with this knowledge, Medicare does give you peace of mind with coverage for cancer screenings for prevention to catch things early.

Medicare Does Cover Cancer Screenings

Medicare Part B covers mammograms and cervical and vaginal cancer screenings. Unless your doctor says it’s medically necessary for more, Medicare covers:

When it comes to screenings for colorectal cancer, Medicare covers several lab, in-office and at-home tests, including:

Lung cancer screenings are covered under Medicare Part B once a year for those meeting all of these conditions:

  • Between 55 and 77

  • No symptoms of lung cancer

  • You’re a current smoker or have quit within the last 15 years

  • You’ve had at least 20 “pack years,” or an average of one pack per day for 30 years

  • You have a written order from a Medicare-accepting doctor

Medicare Part B also covers prostate cancer screenings in two parts once every 12 months if you’re a man over 50:

  • A digital rectal exam, for which you’d pay 20% to your doctor, and the Part B deductible applies. If it’s a hospital outpatient procedure, you’ll pay a copay. 

  • A prostate-specific antigen blood test, which is 100% covered by Medicare

Medicare Cancer Screening Costs

It’s important to note that these cancer screenings are covered completely by Medicare unless something is found that requires biopsy or removal. In that case, further Medicare Part B deductibles and copays can come into play.

Screening tests like these have been shown to be effective in detecting cancer early , helping to give you a longer, happier life. Talk to your primary care physician about cancer screenings today. 

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