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Do I Have To Re Enroll in Medicare Every Year

You may not have to re enroll in Medicare every year. However, enrolling in a new Medicare plan can provide better coverage for your health care needs.

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Medicare Re Enrollment FAQs

Changing Where You Live

Original Medicare and Medigap plans have a nationwide service area. So, you can move to any address inside the United States and keep your plan.

Since Medicare Advantage plans have networks, you could move outside the network’s service area. Then you have two choices:

  1. Switch to a new Medicare Advantage (MA) plan or Medicare drug plan

  2. Disenroll from MA and return to Original Medicare

Moving in or out of an institution like a Skilled Nursing Facility can qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period. Learn when you can make coverage changes to your MA or Medicare prescription drug plan.

Medicare Enrollment Periods

If you want to change your Medicare Advantage or Part D drug plan, you can choose a new plan during the following Medicare enrollment periods:

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