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All About Medicare Supplement Plan G Benefits

Learn the benefits of Medicare Supplement Plan G, and get answers to commonly asked questions.

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Medicare Supplement — or Medigap — Plan G covers all the benefits of Plan F, with the exception of the Part B annual deductible.

Medicare Supplement Plan G is the most comprehensive Medigap plan available to beneficiaries new to Medicare on or after Jan. 1, 2020.

What Is Medicare Supplement Plan G?

Medigap Plan G covers all the costs that Original Medicare does not pay. However, you will still be responsible for the Part B deductible.

Medigap Plan G Benefits Chart.png

Plan G Benefits

This Medigap Plan G benefits chart explains the following:

Medicare Supplement Plan G FAQs

What is high-deductible Medicare Supplement/Medigap Plan G?

Some states offer a high deductible – $2,490 in 2022 – for Medigap Plan G. You must pay this out-of-pocket amount before Plan G can pay anything.

Does Plan G have foreign travel benefits?

Yes, Medicare Supplement Plan G provides you with emergency foreign travel coverage up to $50,000 with a $250 annual deductible. 

Plan F vs. Plan G: What are the differences?

The annual expense of Medigap Plan G can cost you less than Plan F. The first difference is that Plan G generally costs less per month. Second, the combined expense of Part B deductible and the lower Plan G premiums can cost you less per year than Plan F.

How much are Plan G premiums?

Plan G premium costs vary depending on where you live, your gender and your tobacco usage. Generally, Plan G premiums cost less than Plan F.

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