Countdown: Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period


What is Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period?

  • Every year between October 15th and December 7th Medicare Beneficiaries are allowed to shop and compare the Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D Plans for the following year.

How do I know if my current Plan is changing?

  • During the month of September, every Carrier is required to send you a Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) and Evidence of Coverage (EOC). This information will be provided by your current plan to review the changes for the following year.

If my current Plan’s Premium only increases a little, do I still need to compare it to other Plans?

  • Yes, the monthly premium you are paying is only part of your benefit package. You should review any changes to your Plan’s copays, deductibles, increase in your max out of pocket amount, any formulary changes, ect…

What resources can I use to help ensure that I choose the right Plan during AEP?

  • Senior Healthcare Direct, MedicareBob’s office is a great resource to help you compare your Medicare insurance options:
    • Senior Healthcare Direct is appointed with over 30 different Medicare Insurance Carriers.
    • Senior Healthcare Direct’s agents are all AHIP Certified to offer Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap) and Medicare Part D Plans.
    • Free Annual Plan Reviews – You will never overpay again because we offer to help you every year!
      • To contact Senior Healthcare Direct please call: 1-855-368-4717 or request a quote: