Writing Your Professional Bio

Brian Kondas
Brian Kondas

Get helpful tips on writing your professional bio. A bio tells your story and builds a professional and personal connection with your clients. When writing your bio, refer to yourself in the third person. For example, “Brian writes quality blog posts and web pages for Senior Healthcare Direct.” In this article, you will find writing tips to introduce yourself, your job, your expertise, and your personality. You can either write the bio yourself or answer this questionnaire, and Brian Kondas will write it for you.

Introducing Yourself

It’s a good idea to start your bio with something interesting that sets you apart from other licensed agents. Do you go by (first name) in the professional world, or do clients call you something else? For example, Robert Bache says, “Call me, MedicareBob.” What name do you want clients to call you? 

Besides your name, your unique background can set you apart from other agents. How many years do you have in the insurance industry? What is your educational background? Where did you study and what degrees do you have? Do you have any certifications?

Your Job

Every agent has a unique approach to the job. What do you do differently than other agents? What personal responsibilities do you take? Every agent communicates a little bit differently. How do you describe your communication style with clients?

Finding an insurance policy that meets your client’s budget, coverage needs, and underwriting requirements can be challenging. What challenges have you solved?

Your Expertise

Each agent operates at a unique skill level. What aspects of the job are you exceptionally proficient? What has your manager or clients said about you? Moreover, what are you currently doing to improve your professional skills? For example, you may be taking specific classes, courses, or seminars.

Your Personality 

Every agent has a life outside of Senior Healthcare Direct. What relationships or activities are important to you outside of work? Every person is different. What’s the most important thing you want people to know about you?

Now it’s time to start writing your professional bio or fill out this questionnaire, and Brian Kondas will write it for you.