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Which Is Better Medicare Advantage Or Medicare Supplement

Three things you need to know when comparing Medicare Supplement Costs. 

  1. You can shop your Medicare Supplement Plan all year long.
  2. All Medicare Supplement Plans are Federally Regulated. The Letter of the Plan determines the coverage not the Insurance Carrier.
  3. Prices are very different between the Carriers for the same Plan.

Most people think they can only shop their Medicare Supplement Plan between October 15th and December 7th, this is not true. You are allowed to shop you Medicare Supplement Plan all year long.

A Medicare Supplement Plan F with Blue Cross Blue Shield offers the same exact benefits as a Plan F with Cigna or Aetna, or Mutual of Omaha, etc…

Even though the benefits are the same, the insurance companies charge different prices for the same plans.

We do the shopping for you! Here at Senior Healthcare Direct, MedicareBob’s Office, we offer all of the top Medicare Supplement Insurance Carriers. We will provide you with a Medicare Supplement Cost Comparison.

Please complete the information at the top of this page, one of our Licensed Agents will contact you and with one phone call, you will have access to all of the Medicare Supplement Plan Quotes. You can also call our office: 1-855-368-4717. We are located in the US and we are happy to help with getting the right Medicare Supplement Plan at the best price.