Medigap Rates in Tulsa, OK

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In this Rate Watch Wednesday video, Robert Bache shows you Tulsa Oklahoma Medicare Supplement Quotes. Watch this video for Medigap Plan G quotes for male and female seniors  age 65 through 70 in zip code 74133.

Medicare Supplement Plan G is the second most comprehensive Medicare Supplement Plan and it offers the greatest value. It allows you to keep your doctor and hospital, so you can go anywhere in the country that accepts Medicare. The only out of pocket with the Medicare Supplement Plan G, after the premium, is Medicare’s very small Part B annual deductible of $185.

As I have said before, Medicare Supplement plans are all Federally regulated by the government. There is no reason for anyone to pay more for their Medicare Supplement Plan G with one carrier over another because the letter of the plan dictates the coverage, not the carrier. You are not getting any additional benefits by paying more. That’s why it is important to shop your Medicare Supplement coverage every year, and we can help you with that.

You may ask, “Why do these companies charge different prices if they are all the same?” That’s a great question. Carriers have different administrative costs and they have different profit goals. There’s tons of different reasons why these big companies charge different prices. What you need to know is, just like in your Medicare book, Medicare Supplement Plan G is the same with every carrier.

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