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Transamerica Medicare Supplement

Transamerica Medicare Supplement

Transamerica Medicare Supplement Plans

Transamerica is a Top Medicare Supplement insurance company. It offers the following Medigap plans: A, F, G, K, N. Transamerica’s Medicare Supplement Plans offer you the following benefits.

Medicare Part A Hospital Coverage

Transamerica plans cover Medicare Part A coinsurance costs. For example, a senior goes into the hospital for hip replacement surgery. Original Medicare only covers 80% of your hospital bills. However, all Transamerica Medigap plans pay your 20% coinsurance costs which include the following:

  • Transamerica pays $176 coinsurance in 2020 for days 21 thru 100 in a skilled nursing facility on Medigap plans F, G, and N. Plan K only covers 50% or $88 coinsurance in 2020. Furthermore, Plan A only pays for the first twenty days, the same as Original Medicare. 
  • Transamerica pays $352 coinsurance in 2020 for days 61 thru 90 in a Long-Term Care Hospital (LTCH). When you add up the benefits of a thirty-day stay at LTCH, you benefit totals over ten-thousand dollars!
  • The first three blood pints are free with Transamerica Medigap Plans A, F, G, and N. However, Plan K only covers 50%, so only your first 1.5 blood pints are free. 

Moreover, Transamerica also covers inpatient mental health services. Medicare Part A can pay up to 190 days in a psychiatric hospital. Now that you know what hospital services are covered, which Transamerica Medigap Plans cover the Part A hospital deductible?

Medicare Part A Deductible

Transamerica Medigap Plans F, G, and N pay 100% of $1408 Part A deductible in 2020. However, Plan K only pays 50% or $704. As a result, you will need to pay the other half. Furthermore, Plan A does not cover Part A deductible. So you will need to pay the full $1408 deductible. Now that you know the hospital services and costs of Transamerica Medigap Plans, what are the medical services and costs covered by Part B?

Medicare Part B Medical Coverage

The CDC finds African Americans are two times as likely to die from heart diesase than whites.

All Transamerica Medicare Supplement Plans cover Part B coinsurance. For example, if you have heart failure, Medicare covers the implant of an automatic defibrillator. If your open-heart surgery takes place in a hospital outpatient setting, then Medicare Part B pays for the operation. 

Original Medicare only pays 80%. However, all Transamerica Medigap Plans cover your 20% coinsurance except Plan K, which only covers 50%. With Plan K, you pay 10% coinsurance. Moreover, only Plan F covers the $198 Part B deductible. Therefore, with all other Transamerica Medigap Plans, you pay $198 Part B annual deductible. 

Furthermore, Transamerica Medigap Plans cover the following preventive services:

  • Transamerica pays 20% coinsurance when colorectal cancer screening discovers the presence of abnormal tissue (polyp). As a result, the doctor removes a sample for later examination.
  • Transamerica pays 20% coinsurance to diagnose and treat your mental health after you pay $198 Part B deductible in 2020 (except for Plan F).
  • For men over the age of 50, Transamerica pays 20% coinsurance for prostate cancer digital rectal exam after you pay $198 Part B annual deductible (except Plan F).

Transamerica Plan F pays your $198 Part B deductible. Now you know Transamerica’s Part B medical benefits and costs. Next, let’s look at Transamerica Medigap Plan N coverage benefits and costs.

Transamerica Medicare Supplement Plan N

Transamerica Medigap Plan N pays 100% of the following Part A benefits:

  • Part A hospital, hospice care, and skilled nursing facility coinsurance
  • Part A $1408 hospital deductible in 2020
  • First three pints of blood as a hospital inpatient

Furthermore, Transamerica covers the first three pints of blood as a hospital outpatient under Medicare Part B. Moreover, 100% of Part B coinsurance is covered by Transamerica expect in the following cases:

  • You visit a medical facility (doctor’s office) and get treated as an outpatient. In this case, you will need to pay up to $20 per visit.
  • You visit the Emergency room (ER) and get treated as an outpatient. In this case, you will need to pay up to $50 copayment.

Finally, Transamerica covers 80% of Foreign Travel Emergency. Now that you know what is covered by Transamerica Plan N, what does it not cover?

What is not coverd by Transamerica Plan N?

Transamerica Medicare Supplement Plan N does not cover the annual part B deductible of $198 in 2020. As a result, you must pay the $198 Part B deductible once per year before Transamerica covers any medical services. Furthermore, it does not include Part B excess charges. Now you know what Transamerica Medigap Plan N does not cover. So how does Plan N compare to other Transamerica Medigap Plans?

Compare Transamerica Medicare Supplement Plans

You can use the Transamerica Medigap Plan chart below to compare benefits side-by-side. In the chart, an X indicates no benefit, and 100% means the plan fully covers the benefit. 50% and 80% provides you with partial benefits. The chart below can help you quickly compare the benefits of Transamerica Medicare Supplement Plans. Furthermore, you can download this chart for future reference.

Transamerica Medicare Supplement Plans chart
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Transamerica Medicare Supplement Plan F

People newly eligible for Medicare on or after January 1, 2020 are not allowed to purchase a Transamerica Medigap Plan F. However, you can have Plan F under the following cases:

  • You were eligible for Medicare before January 1, 2020.
  • You already have Plan F.

Therefore, you can keep Plan F if either case applies to you. Transamerica Medigap Plan F pays your $198 Part B deductible and Part B excess charges. Plan G is similar to Plan F. 

Transamerica Medicare Supplement Plan G

Transamerica Medigap Plan G has the same benefits as Plan F, except you pay the $198 Part B deductible. You only have to pay the Part B deductible once per year. However, you pay the Plan G premium every month, and it costs less than the Plan F premium. As a result, you can save several hundred per year on Plan G premiums. That’s why Senior Healthcare Direct calls Plan G the “greatest value.” Find out how much you can save on Plan G by calling 1-855-368-4717

Shop and Compare Medigap Plans

It’s easy to shop and compare Medigap Plans with the free help of a Medicare insurance broker. Senior Healthcare Direct makes it easy for you to shop and compare Medigap Plans with over 30+ A-rated insurance carriers. You can shop and save with Transamerica, Bankers Fidelity, Manhattan Life, Cigna, and State Farm. Call Senior Healthcare Direct at 1-855-368-4717 or click the get quote button.