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Shop Medicare Supplement Plans

Shop Medicare Supplement Plans

Discover when you can shop Medicare Supplement Plans. You can shop Medigap Plans anytime and you do not have to wait until Medicare open enrollment (Annual Election Period). Robert Bache, owner of Senior Healthcare Direct, asks Medicare Beneficiaries the following question:

When can you shop Medicare Supplement Plans?

Robert Bache

When can you buy a Medicare Supplement Plan?

Many Medicare Beneficiaries thought they needed to wait until Open Enrollment October 15 through December 7 to buy a Medigap Plan. However, you can shop and buy a Medicare Supplement Plan anytime.

Because many Medicare Beneficiaries thought they need to wait to buy a Medigap Plan, Robert believes many Medicare Beneficiaries are “overpaying for their Medicare Supplement Plan.” Robert believes you may be overpaying because you do not know the following facts:

  1. Each Medicare Supplement lettered plan offers the same coverage benefits with all insurance providers.
  2. You are allowed to shop for a lower premium all year.
  3. Lowing your monthly premium is easier than you may think.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement plans share the following benefits:

1) ALL Medigap Plans are federally regulated and each lettered plan is the same no matter who the insurance company. For example, a Medigap Plan F is the same with Aetna as it is with Anthem Blue Cross. Furthermore, a Medigap Plan G is the same with Transunion as it is with State Farm.

2) Robert says, “You can start paying less for your Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan Right Now!” The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period of 10/15 through 12/07, only applies to your Medicare Part D and/or Medicare Advantage Plan. For your Medicare Supplement Plan, you have the freedom to shop and compare at any time of year.

3) It is easy to get a lower price on your Medicare Supplement Insurance monthly premium. Most Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies have developed a “Telephonic Application”. This makes it really easy to submit an application to lower your monthly premium.

How to Shop and Save on your Medigap Plan

Senior Healthcare Direct makes it easy for you to shop and save on your Medicare Supplement Plan. You can speak with a licensed agent at 1-855-368-4717 or get a quote.