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Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap)

Medigap Mondays Medicare Supplement Plans Medigap

Original Medicare only covers 80% of your Medicare expenses. So you are responsible to pay 20% of Medicare bills. However, when you buy a Medigap Plan, it covers your 20% of Medicare bills. This includes Part A (hospital coverage) deductible of $1484 in 2021.

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Switching Medicare Plans

MedicareBob says if you are not medically eligible to switch Medicare plans, you will not be able to. In other words, to change Medicare plans, you need to pass medical underwriting. Furthermore, he says, “if you do not get a supplement when you first turn 65, you will have to medically qualify later in life […]

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Medicare Plan N vs Plan G

Medicare Plan N vs Plan G, which is best for you? Discover the coverage and cost differences between Medigap Plan N and Plan G. Find out what Plan N costs Fred when he falls and is transported to the ER. Medigap Plan N vs Plan G Medicare Plan N is a lower-cost alternative to Plan […]

Medicare Summary Notice MSN senior couple documents

Medicare Summary Notice MSN

Your Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) Your Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) shows Medicare Part A and Part B covered services for people with Original Medicare. It is not a bill. If you receive an MSN, it will list all the Medicare-billed services and supplies from the last 3-month period. Furthermore, it summarizes what Medicare paid and […]

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Does Medicare cover cataract surgery?

According to, Medicare does cover cataract surgery “using traditional surgical techniques or using lasers.” Furthermore, if you have cataract surgery to implant an “intraocular lens,” Medicare helps you pay for corrective lenses. For example, Medicare part B pays 80% of the cost for corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses after cataract surgery. So what is cataract […]

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Medicare Foreign Travel Coverage

Medicare may provide foreign travel coverage outside the United States. To qualify for coverage, special circumstances apply. Otherwise, Medicare will not cover your health care outside the US. Medicare Foreign Travel Coverage Medicare may pay for services you get on board a ship within the US’s territorial waters. For example, you take a vacation aboard […]

Medicare 2021 October Stories

Medicare Stories Medicare stories published in October 2020 about Medicare changes in 2021.

Medicare Underwriting - Advantage vs. Supplement - Happy Seniors

Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement

Compare Advantage Vs Medicare Supplement The Medicare 2021 chart below compares Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement. This chart shows positive (green), negative (red), and equal value (black). Medicare Supplement works with Original Medicare, so it provides you with nationwide coverage and access to any doctor and hospital without referrals. However, Medicare Advantage provides you with […]