Medicare General Information

This blog section contains Medicare general info. For example, we answer commonly asked Medicare question and update you on general Medicare changes. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, you can get Coronavirus tips to stay safe and apply for Medicare Part B from the safety of your home.

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Medicare Competitive Bidding Program

Medicare Competitive Bidding Program started nationwide on July 1, 2013. In this post, you will learn the history of DMEPOS and how it affects Medicare Beneficiaries. Finally, you will discover the program’s current status. History of Medicare Competitive Bidding Program Senior Healthcare Direct owner, Robert Bache, says, “Effective July 1, 2013, diabetic Medicare beneficiaries are […]

When do I have to enroll in Medicare Part B?

When to enroll in Medicare Part B? Typically, you want to enroll in Medicare Part B when you are first eligible for Medicare. However, you can defer enrollment in Part B and avoid late penalty under the following conditions: You are still working and covered by a group health plan from your employer. Your spouse […]

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What Medicare Part A covers

What Medicare Part A covers Medicare Part A is hospital insurance for Medicare beneficiaries. Part A covers inpatient hospital care that includes skilled nursing facilities and long-term care hospitals. Discover when inpatient hospital care is covered by Part A. To find out everything that Part A covers, visit Furthermore, gives you two ways […]

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Senior Healthcare Direct Value Proposition

Discover the Senior Healthcare Direct Value Proposition and the 6 principle reasons to do business with our Medicare insurance company. Why should you work with Robert Bache and the agents at Senior Healthcare Direct? We want to make you smile :-) It’s a straightforward and simple question, yet with so much noise and competition out […]

Apply for Medicare Part B

We Help You Complete Medicare Application Forms Senior Healthcare Direct licensed agents can help you complete application forms on the phone. Moreover, we can send you the form using DocuSign, so it’s easy for you to electronically sign on any Internet device such as your smartphone, computer, or tablet. If you have or had group […]

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Medicare Premium Reduction 2020

In a press release on August 4, 2020, CMS announced a policy that allows Medicare issuers to offer temporary premium reductions for individuals with 2020 coverage. This premium Medicare reduction will help you pay your premiums, so you can continue to receive the care you need during the coronavirus COVID-19 public health emergency. CMS administrator, […]

Medicare Premium Reduction New Hampshire

Lower Medicare Premiums in 2021 New Hampshire will have a significant Medicare premium reduction in 2021. CMS administrator, Seema Verma, announced on August 5, 2020, that “CMS has approved New Hampshire’s State Innovation Wavier.” The State will implement a section 1332 State Relief and Empowerment waiver. According to the CMS press release, “New Hampshire will […]

New Scholarship for Non-Traditional Students

Senior Healthcare Direct helps people with Medicare and offers a new scholarship for non-traditional students at any US university or community college. This scholarship is for older adult students age 50 or older. It pays $1100 to help balance educational costs with your work and family commitments. Improve Your Professional Opportunities Pursuing higher education at […]