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Medicare Part F

Medicare Part F (Supplement Plan F) is the most comprehensive Medigap Plan you can choose. If you choose the Medicare Supplement Plan F, Medicare is your Primary insurer. This means that with the Plan F you will be able to go to any Doctor or hospital in the Country that accept Medicare. The Medigap Plan F also pays your hospital bills and the 20% that Medicare does not pay.

The Medigap Plan F is a Federally Regulated Plan and there is no shortage of great A rated insurance Carriers that offer the Medigap Plan F. It is important to understand that even though the costs between each Carrier can be different, the benefits are the same.

Here at Senior Healthcare Direct, MedicareBob’s Office, we offer all of the top Medicare Supplement Insurance Carriers that offer the Plan F. If you are interested in the F Plan, we will provide you with a free rate comparison.

Please complete the information at the top of this page, one of our Licensed Agents will contact you and with one phone call, you will have access to all of the Medicare Supplement Plan F Quotes. You can also call our office: 1-855-368-4717. We are located in the US and we are happy to help with getting the right Medicare Supplement Plan at the best price.