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Medicare Secondary Insurance

When choosing a Medicare Secondary Insurance Plan you must first understand the difference between a Medicare Advantage Plan and a Medicare Supplement Plan (Medigap).

A Medicare Advantage Plan is offered through private insurance Carriers and does not Supplement Medicare. Instead, the Advantage Plan offers a different set of benefits then original Medicare. Most Medicare Advantage Plans require their members go to certain Doctors and hospitals  A Medicare Advantage Plan will typically have a low monthly premium (sometimes $0) but will also have copays for when you use the benefits in the Plan.

A Medicare Supplement Plan, also called a Medigap Plan, works with Original Medicare. You will pay an additional monthly premium but in return you will be able to go to any Doctor and hospital in the Country that accepts Medicare. The Medicare Supplement Plan will also pay your hospital bills and the 20% that Original Medicare does not pay.

Senior Healthcare Direct, MedicareBob’s Office is unique because our Agents offer both Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Plans. This allows our Agents to educate you on the different options in your area and assist you with choosing the right Medicare Secondary Insurance Plan that best fits your needs. If you would like our help with choosing the right Medicare Secondary Insurance Plan please complete our contact form on the top of this page, or call our office: 1-855-368-4717.