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1) Education: All of our agents are AHIP Certified by Medicare, we have the largest video library of Medicare educational videos and we offer both Medicare Supplement Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans.

2) Options: We are one of the only Medicare Insurance Marketplaces that offer both Medicare Supplement Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans. This makes us the most qualified in helping you choose the right Medicare Plan.

3) Customer Service: We have a dedicated Customer Support Team that assists our clients with shopping and/or renewing their Medicare Plan every year.

Brands You Know and Trust: Senior Healthcare Direct works with all Major Medicare Insurance Carriers; Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Central States Indemnity, Cigna, Coventry,Combined Insurance, Equitable Life, Heartland National, Humana, Manhattan Life, Medico, Mutual of Omaha, Oxford Life, Standard Life, Wellcare, and MORE!

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  • Medicare Supplement Plan F

    • If you joined Medicare prior to 01/01/2020, you are eligible to purchase the Medicare Supplement Plan F. If you choose the Plan F, you will be able to go to any Provider that accepts Medicare nationwide and you will not have any copays or deductibles.
  • Medicare Supplement Plan G

    • If you joined Medicare on or after 01/01/2020, the Medicare Supplement Plan G is the most comprehensive Plan you can purchase. With the Plan G, you can go to any Provider in the Country that accepts Medicare. The Plan G will pay for all of your hospital bills and after you pay the first $198 Annual Deductible, the Plan G will also pay all of your Doctor and medical bills.
  • Medicare Supplement Plan N

    • The Medicare Supplement Plan N is a good Supplement Plan for a person looking for a lower premium option as long as you do not mind having some financial exposure when you use the Plan. The Plan N is still more comprehensive coverage than most people have ever had in their lifetime. In fact, the Plan N only has 4 potential out of pocket cost:
      • $198 Annual Deductible
      • $20 Doctor Copay
      • $50 ER Copay
      • Part B Excess Charges