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2019 Choosing Medigap Policy

2019 Choosing a Medigap Policy:

The three most comprehensive Medigap Policies in 2019 are Plan F, Plan G and Plan N.

Medigap Plan F = Full Coverage

  • No Copay
  • No Deductible
  • Any Doctor / Any Hospital

Medigap Plan G = Great Value

  • The Plan G will cover you exactly like the Plan F except for one difference. You will have to pay the Part B Deductible, which for 2019 is $185.00. The reason that Plan G is the greatest value is because it is usually $300 to $600 less per year then the Plan F and again the only difference is the $185.00 deductible. So why pay an insurance company $500 just to pay your $185.00 deductible. Plan G just makes more sense.

Medigap Plan N = Not Fixed

  • Plan N is a really good plan. There are 4 differences between Plan F (the full coverage plan) and the Plan N (Not fixed)
  • Just like Plan G (the greatest value plan) you pay the $185.00 deductible.
  • Than you have up to a $20.00 copy per Doctor visit.
  • A $50.00 copay for the ER.
  • Part B Excess Charges – This just means that if a Doctor charges more than Medicare, you might have to pay up to 15% more.

It is important to understand that the letter of a Medigap Plan determines the coverage, not the Medicare Supplement Insurance Carrier. Even though the Medigap Plan G pricing can be different between the Carriers, the benefits will pay exactly the same. This is why you should complete the form above, this way my office and I can assist you with getting the best price for your 2019 Medigap Plan.