Pennsylvania Medicare Supplement Plan N offers the Best Value

Hello Pennsylvania,  I am Robert W. Bache. I own Senior Healthcare Direct and I really can help you.  I am the best option to help you because I am licensed and approved with all of the major Medicare Insurance companies, so I can help you understand your Medicare options and help you shop for the best value.

My goal is simple:

  • Educate you about all of our Medicare options.
  • Help you Shop and Compare all of those options.
  • Customer Service: When you call me, I call you back!

In Pennsylvania the Medicare Supplement Plan N is often the most cost-effective Medicare Supplement Plan. Plan N pays all the big bills that Medicare would normally charge you, and has a lower premium than Plan F and Plan G.

Plan N: Fills in all of the gaps to Medicare except.

Deductible: $147.00 annual

$20 copay for Doctor visit (you will never pay more than the $20 even for a Specialist)

$50 copay for ER (Waived if your admitted, and then pays all hospital bills)

Any Doctor and/or Hospital that accepts Medicare

 I represent all of the top Medicare Supplement Companies, I save you money by helping you shop.


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