Medicare Supplement Plan N offers the best value in Pennsylvania

Medicare Supplement Plan N offers the best overall value in Pennsylvania. Medicare Supplement Plan N offers the same coverage as Medicare Supplement Plan F, except for the following gaps:

  1. You are required to pay the Medicare Part B Deductible. (which is only $147.00 in 2014)
  2. You will have a $20 copay per Doctor Visit. ($20 is the most, even for a Specialist)
  3. You will have a $50 copay for an ER visit. (This is waived if your admitted and then it pays the same as Medicare Supplement Plan F)
  4. Part B Excess Charge.

The key reason I recommend Medicare Supplement Plan N is because Doctors / Providers in Pennsylvania are not allowed to charge any Part B Excess Charges.

Let’s take a look at a Plan F premium compared to Plan N:

Example using 68 year old male in zip code 19111 and the policy starting 06/01/2015:

Transamerica Premier is offering the best value for Medicare Supplement Plan F  with the monthly premium of $173.19. (Annual premium cost $2,078.28)

Aetna is offering the best value for the Medicare Supplement Plan N with a monthly premium of only $127.95. (Annual premium cost $1,535.40)

The Plan N is $542.88 less in annual premium. Even after you meet the annual deductible of $147.00, with Plan N you are still saving almost $400.00 a year. Unless you think you are going to go to the Doctor over 20 times a year, the Medicare Supplement Plan N is the best value in Pennsylvania.  

In addition to the immediate savings that Medicare Supplement Plan N offers, monthly premium increases are typically much lower for the Plan N when compared to Plan F.

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Author: Robert Bache aka “MedicareBob”.