Ohio Medicare Supplement Insurance

Ohio Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare Supplement Plan N offers the best overall value in Ohio. Medicare Supplement Plan N offers the same coverage as Medicare Supplement Plan F, except for the following gaps:

  1. You are required to pay the Medicare Part B Deductible. (which is only $147.00 in 2014)
  2. You will have a $20 copay per Doctor Visit. ($20 is the most, even for a specialist)
  3. You will have a $50 copay for an ER visit. (This is waived if your admitted and then it pays the same as Medicare Supplement Plan F)
  4. Part B Excess Charge. In Ohio, Doctors/Providers are not allowed to charge Part B excess charges.

NOTE: Plan N has lower annual premium increases compared to Plan F.

Plan F or Plan N, which is the better choice? . Let’s look at an example:

65 year old Male in Erie County:

The top Plan F pricing: $133.96 (USSA)

Now the top Plan N pricing: $95.03 (CIGNA)

I am not “Anti-Plan F”, but we all know that all of these premiums increase every year. If you add in the fact that you will typically have to medically qualify to switch Medicare Supplement Plans in the future, why would someone not start with a Medicare Supplement

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