Medicare Infographics

Royalty-Free License

You have the right to use our Medicare Infographics under the following terms of use. 

  1. Senior Healthcare Direct name shall remain on the image, including any watermarks.
  2. Embed images must include the link to Senior Healthcare Direct.
  3. Download images must not be edited (except for resizing).
  4. You can use these Infographics on any website, including social media posts.

Senior Healthcare Direct holds copyrights to all Medicare Infographics.

What are Medicare Infographics?

Medicare infographics are a visual representation of Medicare information. You can embed our infographics on your website with links back to our site. Furthermore, you can download our infographics and use them on Social Media or your website.

How to Embed and Download Infographics?

First, click on the infographic (or caption) for the embed code and download link. To embed the infographic, copy and paste the HTML code into your webpage. To download the infographic, click the download link to open the infographic page. Then in the browser menu, select File > Save Page As.

Why use Infographics?

In an article written by Forbes, Infographics are growing and thriving since 2017. Infographics are a powerful way to communicate information. Visuals are shared 3 x more than other forms of content. So you can grow your social media followers by posting Infographics. Using relevant Infographics on your web page can improve SEO ranking by increasing your visitor’s time on page.

Part A

Infographics for Medicare Part A.

Part B

Infographics for Medicare Part B.

MA Plans and Medicare Supplement Plans

Infographics for Medicare Advantange and Supplement plans.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies

Infographics for Medicare supplement (Medigap) insurance companies

Medicare General Info

Infographics for Medicare General information.