Medigap Monday: What Happened to Medicare Supplement Plan J?

The Medicare Supplement Plan J was, at one time, the Cadillac of the Medicare Supplement plans. It was the most comprehensive Medicare Supplement a person could purchase on Medicare. Plan J filled all the gaps in Medicare, much like the Plan F does now.

As of June 1st, 2010, Original Medicare covered two additional benefits. They covered at home health recovery and preventative healthcare. At home recovery and preventative healthcare are now being covered by Original Medicare parts A and B. The only two benefits that Plan J paid for that the Plan F did not were those two benefits, so now that Medicare covered those benefits it made the Plan J exactly like the Plan F, so Medicare discontinued the plan.

If you have the Plan J, you were grandfathered into the plan. Medicare did not take away your coverage. But with the discontinuation of the plan, and the pool of people getting smaller over the last 8 years, we have seen significant increases in the Plan J’s premiums. If you have not shopped your Medicare Supplement in the last 8 years, I highly recommend you shop your plan and compare the rates of other plans.