Medigap Monday: Open Enrollment is the only time for Automatic Approval

The only time you are automatically approved for a Medicare Supplement is when you turn 65 years old or if you delayed your Part B enrollment and started your Part B later on in life. If you are wanting to upgrade from a Medicare Advantage plan to a Medicare Supplement plan or you are wanting to switch your Medicare Supplement plan to another plan to save money, you will be subject to answer heath questions. There are no medical tests or a physical like when you purchase life insurance. How the process works is the agent that assists you with your application will ask you a series of health questions and after the application is submitted, you will most likely be contacted by and underwriter from the carrier. The underwriter will then ask you some of the same health questions and pull your medication report for any red flag medications. After this interview is completed, you will wait for the underwriter to determine whether or not you are approved with their specific carrier.