Medigap Monday: Does the Medicare Supplement Plan G offer Silver Sneakers?

Firstly, what is Silver Sneakers? For those of you that don’t know, Silver Sneakers is a program that gives seniors a free gym membership. If there isn’t a gym within a certain distance from your home, Silver Sneakers will actually send gym equipment to your house for free so you can have the opportunity to work out.

For a period of time, Medicare Supplement carriers and Advantage Plans were including Silver Sneakers as part of their list of benefits as an incentive to choose their plan over another carrier’s. However, most carriers are no longer offering Silver Sneakers with their plans. United Healthcare was the last carrier offering it and they have even started phasing it out in some areas. The reason for this is because even though people were asking about the plan, most people weren’t using it. The carriers are not going to continue paying for something that people aren’t using. In all reality, that is reflected in the monthly premiums that the Medicare Supplement policy holders are paying so essentially, everyone is paying for something that a majority are not using.