Medigap Monday: Does Plan G Cover Part B Excess Charges?

One question that has been asked regularly is, “What does the Medicare Supplement Plan G cover?” The Medicare Supplement Plan G offers almost exactly the same coverage as the Medicare Supplement Plan F. One of these coverages is Medicare Part B Excess Charges. The Medicare Supplement Plan G does cover Part B Excess Charges.

Every provider and doctor that excepts Medicare has one of two contracts with Medicare. They can accept what’s called “Medicare Assignment”, meaning that they will not negotiate with Medicare on prices. Medicare will dictate what they can charge for a service such as lab work, MRI, CAT scan etc. Doctors or providers that do not accept Medicare Assignment are permitted to charge more than what Medicare allows, however they can not charge more than 15% of the assigned rate.

If you have just Medicare Part B, you are susceptible to those charges but with the Medicare Supplement Plan G, you have nothing to worry about because the Medicare Supplement Plan G pays those charges for you.