Medigap Monday: Does Medicare Supplement Plan G cover you outside of your county?

Medicare Supplement Plan G, also known as Medigap G, is a Federally standardized plan and it’s a true Medicare Supplement Medigap. The way that the Medicare Supplement Plan G works is that Medicare Parts A and B is your primary insurance. Because Medicare remains primary, you have nationwide coverage, even with your Medicare Supplement. So, you can go from one county to another or one state to another and have full coverage. Your coverage will remain exactly the same is every county or state you are in, as long as you go to a doctor or hospital that accepts Original Medicare. You will not need referrals or any prior authorizations.

The only out-of-pocket costs you have if you have a Medicare Supplement Plan G is Medicare’s Part B small annual deductible of $183.00. Once you’ve met that deductible you have no further out-of-pocket costs for Medicare covered services nationwide.