Medigap Monday: Does Medicare Supplement Plan G Cover Medications

When Congress passed the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003Medicare went through a huge change. Among other things, this act started the beginning of Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. Since Medicare Supplements can no longer be sold with prescription drug coverage, the Medicare Supplement Plan G does not offer prescription drug coverage.

The supplements all use stand-alone drug plans, Medicare Part D. The great thing about using a stand-alone drug plan is that you can shop for the drug plan that is the best value and covers your medications the best. Every Part D plan is different based on the medications you’re taking at that time. There is no way to list an exact cost for these plans. The good thing is you can shop these plans every year during Annual Enrollment (starting Oct. 15th and ending Dec. 7th) and we do that for our clients every year as a service to them.