Medigap Monday: Does Medicare Supplement Plan G cover ambulance rides?

Medicare Part B covers ambulance services to or from a hospital, critical access hospital (CAH), or skilled nursing facility (SNF). Medicare covers and helps pay for ambulance services only when other transportation could endanger your health, like if you have a health condition that requires this type of transportation. Little known fact: If you can walk to the ambulance, Medicare will not pay for the service. So, even if you can walk, DON’T DO IT!

Medicare will only cover ambulance services to the nearest appropriate medical facility that’s able to give you the care you need. If you choose to be transported to a facility farther away, Medicare’s payment will be based on the charge to the closest appropriate facility. If no local facilities are able to give you the care you need, Medicare will pay for transportation to the nearest facility outside your local area that’s able to give you necessary care.

The Medicare Supplement Plan G will cover ambulance rides. Medicare Supplement Plan G covers everything but Medicare Part B’s annual deductible of $183.00, so if you have not met your deductible for the year, you would pay the full or remaining amount of that deductible for your ambulance ride. If you have met that deductible, you pay nothing.

You can get emergency ambulance transportation when you’ve had a sudden medical emergency, and your health is in serious danger because you can’t be safely transported by other means, like by car or taxi.

These are some examples of when Medicare might cover emergency ambulance transportation:

  • You’re in shock, unconscious, or bleeding heavily.
  • You need skilled medical treatment during transportation.