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Robert Bache, aka MedicareBob, presents educational Medicare videos in the following blog posts. Watch Medicare done right with MedicareBob. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Senior Healthcare Direct is still open and available to take your phone calls at 1-855-368-4717. Watch this video to see how we are keeping our staff safe and providing you with continued support.

Bankers Fidelity Medigap Plans

Bankers Fidelity Medicare Supplement

Bankers Fidelity Medicare Supplement Plans Bankers Fidelity is a Top Medicare Supplement Company. It offers the following Medigap plans: A, B, F, high deductible F, G, K, L, M, and N. Bankers Fidelity Medicare Supplement plans offer you the following benefits. Medicare Part A Hospital Coverage Banker Fidelity Medigap plans all cover Medicare Part A […]

Medicare Acupuncture experience

Does Medicare Cover Acupuncture in 2020?

Medicare does cover acupuncture. Please read this article to discover how many acupuncture visits are covered and which medical condition is treatable under Medicare. Moreover, you will learn what acupuncture is, who can administer it, and an alternative service also covered by Medicare. Medicare Covers Acupuncture On January 21, 2020, CMS announced Medicare Part B […]

Medicare Part B Application Download

Medicare Part B application

Medicare Part B Application Find out how easy it is to complete a Medicare Part B application from the safety of your home. During the Coronavirus Pandemic your local social security office may be closed. However, you can still apply for Medicare Part B by faxing your application to your local social security office. You […]

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Medicare Questions phone number

Medicare Questions? Call our Phone Number Get the answer to your Medicare Questions by calling Senior Healthcare Direct phone number 1-855-368-4717. We will continue to remain open for business during the Coronavirus pandemic. Our customer support team will work remotely from the safety of their home to answer your Medicare questions.  For example, we can answer […]

Coronavirus COVID-19

Medicare Part B covers Coronavirus Test

Medicare Part B covers Coronavirus Test Medicare Part B covers Coronavirus (COVID-19) tests. This diagnostic test determines whether or not you have Coronavirus disease. Medicare covers the cost for this test. You can get COVID-19 tested at a laboratory, pharmacy, doctor, hospital, or other location. For example, Medicare covers tests at parking lot sites. In […]

Top Ten Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies

Top 10 Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies

Top 10 Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies in 2020 Senior Healthcare Direct put together a list of the top 10 Medicare Supplement (Medigap) insurance companies to help you compare and find a Medigap plan with the coverage and benefits you need in 2020. Original Medicare only cover 80% of Part A and Part B. Medicare supplement […]

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Medicare Open Enrollment Period

Medicare Open Enrollment Period Once a year Medicare open enrollment period is October 15 to December 7 – also known as Annual Election Period or Annual Enrollment period – anyone with Medicare can make changes to their Medicare health plans and prescription drug coverage for the following year. For example, the next Medicare open enrollment […]

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Medicare Supplement Insurance Underwriting

Medicare Supplement Insurance without Underwriting Medicare Supplement insurance underwriting is NEVER required when you are first eligible and during your Medigap Open Enrollment Period. This 7-month period includes three months before you turn 65, the month you turn 65, and 3 months after you turn 65. As a result, you can NEVER be disqualified for coverage based on health conditions […]