Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement, which is better for me?

Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement, which is better?

They are both good, there is no wrong answer.

Summary of Medicare Advantage Plan:

Low monthly premium
HMO/PPO means you can only go to certain Doctors and Hospitals
“Pay as you go”, you will have copay’s for Medical Services: Doctor visits, Hospitalization, Lab Work, Advanced Imaging, etc…

Is a Medicare Advantage Plan right for me?

If you are comfortable with having a list of Doctors/Hospitals/Facilities, and you do not mind be required to pay a copay every time you use your Plan, than yes, a Medicare Advantage might be a good fit for you.

Summary of Medicare Supplement Plan:

Flexibility, you can go to any Hospital/Doctor/Facility that accepts Medicare
Predictable, Medicare Supplement’s pay what Medicare would normally charge you
An additional $80 to $140 monthly premium

Is a Medicare Supplement Plan right for me?

Not so healthy person: Yes, you will save money by purchasing a Medicare Supplement Plan.

Healthy person: Would you consider the additional monthly premium a cost of living or a waste of money?

Waste of money: Then you are not a Medicare Supplement type of person…
Cost of living: I am 65 or older, things happen…

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