Medicare Supplement rates

Different Rates for the same Medigap Plan

In this MedicareBob video, Robert Bache explains Medicare Supplement rates and why you may be paying too much for your Medigap Plan. Watch this video and discover how Medigap Plans compare with different companies and how you can get a better price for the same Medigap plan.

How to Switch and Save on your Medigap Plan

Different Medicare Supplement companies have different premiums for standardized Medigap Plans, but they also have different underwriting criteria. As Robert Bache says, “every company has their health requirements”. Thus, it’s best to work with a Medicare Broker who has access to many different companies. Senior Healthcare Direct works with the top ten supplement insurance companies to get you the best Medicare Supplement rates. You can call 1-855-368-4717 to switch and save on your Medigap Plan.