Medicare Supplement Plans in South Carolina

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In this episode of Rate Watch Wednesday, MedicareBob will focus on South Carolina in Clarendon County. In the video, MedicareBob will look at Medicare Supplement Plan G also called Medigap Plan G. Back in 2019, the Medicare Part B deductible you needed to pay was only $185. This Part B annual deductible has increased and is now $198 in 2020. So this is the amount you will need to pay first before receiving Medigap Plan G benefits.

Medicare Supplement Plan G

In the video, MedicareBob looks at Medicare Plan G quotes in South Carolina. For people newly eligible for Medicare in 2020 Plan G is the most popular plan. This is because Plan F is no longer available for beneficiaries new to Medicare in 2020.

Medicare Plan G

MedicareBob shops Medicare Plan G in the video. Robert Bache, owner of Senior Healthcare Direct says, “Plan G coverage is identical with all the carriers. The only difference is price.” Watch the video to see Medigap Plan G prices in South Carolina.

Medicare Supplement Plan G in South Carolina

Medicare Supplement Plan G is the same in South Carolina as it is anywhere in the United States. MedicareBob says, “No matter where you live we have access to the best prices with all top rated companies.” These A+ rated companies offer different prices for the same Plan G coverage. You might ask, “Why do these companies charge different prices if they are all the same?”  The reason according to Senior Healthcare Direct owner Robert Bache is that carriers have different administrative costs and they have different profit goals. Moreover, Robert says, “There’s tons of different reasons why these big companies charge different prices. What you need to know is, just like in your Medicare book, Medicare Supplement Plan G is the same with every carrier.”

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