Medicare Supplement Plans in Your State

Medigap Plans in your State

MedicareBob shares three things you should know about Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans in your State.

  • You can shop and save today. There is no December 7th deadline. Therefore, you can shop and save all year.
  • The letter of your Medicare Supplement plan determines your coverage benefits (not the insurance carrier). Since all Medicare Supplement plans are standardized, you can shop the same letter plan anytime and save. For example, if you find a Medicare Supplement plan F that you like, you can shop plan F and save money! Whichever supplement plan you like, you can shop and save money on that plan. Standardized Medicare plans make it easy for you to shop and save. So there is no reason to overpay.
Senior man sitting on bench in park
Senior man happy about saving on his Medigap Plan.
  • Senior Healthcare Direct makes it easy to shop and save on Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans. One phone call to 1-855-368-4717 gets you access to all Medicare Supplement quotes. We are available to take your call weekdays Monday – Friday from 9am to 7pm (Eastern Time). You can request a quote anytime.

In other words, each Medigap plan is exactly the same. Senior Healthcare Direct will provide you with every available price from all major Medicare insurance carriers. Click the get quote button below and start saving today!


Videos of Medicare Supplement Plans in Your States

Watch a video to learn about the “Standardized” Medigap plans in your State. These videos reference your specific State and the Medicare & You handbook you received. Watch a video by clicking your State link.