Medicare Supplement Plan N – Plan N Coverage: Hospital Costs

Discover Medicare Supplement Plan N hospital coverage and costs.

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Hospital coverage is very important with any Medicare Supplement plan. Medicare’s Part A hospital deductible is $1,364. This deductible is a per-occurrence deductible which means you will pay it every time you are hospitalized. Medigap Supplement Plan N will cover this deductible for you.

Medicare Supplement Plan N is the third most comprehensive Medicare Supplement Plan of all the Medicare Supplements. Medigap Plan N is a great plan for anyone that wants the flexibility of a Medicare Supplement but doesn’t want to pay a high premium. Medicare Supplement Plan N is also called Medigap Plan N.

There are only 4 out of pocket costs that the Plan N requires you to pay compared to the Plan F or Plan G.

  1. The Part B Deductible (The deductible for 2019 is $185.00) You would be required to pay that deductible in full before the plan picks up the rest.
  1. Co-pays. The Plan N comes with some co-pays. Up to a $20.00 primary/specialist co-pay. You will not be billed this at the time of service but sent a bill in the mail.
  1. $50.00 ER co-pay. A helpful tip, if you are admitted to the hospital, that $50.00 fee will be waived. Again, if you do have to pay this, you will not pay it at the time of service. You will receive a bill in the mail from the hospital.
  1. Part B Excess charges. This is when the doctors are allowed to charge and additional 15% over and above what Medicare has approved. (NOTE: Part B Excess charges are not allowed in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.

The best way to avoid that $50 co-pay when having to go to the ER to insist on being admitted to the hospital. When most people go to the ER, they are placed into what’s called “Observation”. This does not mean that they have been admitted to the hospital. If you are only put under “Observation” you will be charged the $50 ER co-pay with the Medicare Supplement Plan N. However, if you insist on being admitted into the hospital, the Medicare Supplement Plan N will cover your hospital costs and the Medicare Part A deductible. You will have no bill.

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