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As I was turning 65 years old, I started asking my friends which insurance plan I should choose. Most of them told me to choose a Plan F, so I did. A year later, one of my girlfriends from church told me to call “MedicareBob” and ask about the Plan G. I laughed , but did as she asked. I called and spoke to Robert, and I found out that the Plan G offers the same coverage as the Plan F except for one difference. The Plan G required me to pay the Part B deductible. Robert showed me that I could save $600.00 a year with the Plan G.Thank you MedicareBob! - Linda C., Happy Medicare Supplement Client since 2013 I had Blue Cross Blue Shield for over 30 years while I was working, so when I turned 65, I just called them. I was happy with the coverage that the Medicare Supplement Plan F with Blue Cross offered, but the monthly payment was just getting to be too high. Senior Healthcare Direct helped me understand that I was paying Blue Cross Blue Shield too much money for my Plan F. I now have the same Plan F with Aetna and I am saving $1200 per year. I am 70 years old, that savings really helps. - Ronald B.,Medicare Supplement Client since 2012

MedicareBob Explaining Medicare Supplement Plan F vs. Plan G

Medigap Plan G

Medicare Plan G is a Medicare Supplement Plan that gives you the greatest value. It provides you the same full coverage benefits of Medicare Plan F with a lower monthly premium. When you get an affordable Plan G verses Plan F, you save $500 to $900 per year in premiums. The only difference between Plan F and G is that Plan G requires you to pay Medicare Part B annual deductible. In 2020, this Part B deductible is only $198. In other words, after you pay $198 Part B deductible in 2020, you save $300 to $700 in annual premiums.


Medigap Plan G is the same as Medicare Supplement Plan G. Medigap is another name for Medicare Supplement. What a Medigap plan does is supplement your Original Medicare benefits. In particular, Medigap Plan G covers all your Medicare coverage gaps except the Part B deductible.


Medigap Plan G, like all Medigap Plans, must follow federal and state laws designed to protect the policy holder. Therefore, the basic benefits of Medigap Plan G must be the same no matter where Plan G is purchased. In other words, Medigap Plan G basic coverage is the same no matter which carrier you choose. However, some insurance carriers offer additional benefits so you can choose which carrier meets your needs.

Medicare Plan G Benefits