Mobile Alabama Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap)

Medicare Supplement Plans Alabama

Do you recognize the photo above? It is the beautiful downtown skyline of Mobile, Alabama. Mobile is the birthplace of America’s first official Mardi Gras which took place in 1703. Mardi Gras is French for “Fat Tuesday”. This annual carnival celebrates life as the last night of eating rich, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of Lent. Here at Senior Healthcare Direct we celebrate your life by assisting the people in Alabama all year long with the best Medicare Supplement Plans.

Benefits of Medigap Plans in Alabama

Medicare Supplement Plans Alabama

In Mobile, Alabama the month of February is filled with Mardi Gras parades. According to the City of Mobile, for weeks the streets of downtown Mobile are filled with the sights and sounds of live marching bands, brilliant-colored floats and crowds of parade goers. Unfortunately, accidents occur more often when there are crowds of people especially when you consume alcohol. As a result, February has lots of injuries some of which require hospitalization. Therefore, it is very important you have a Medicare Supplement Plan in Alabama to cover your expensive medical costs.

Many Seniors in Alabama attend Mardi Gras parades with their grandchildren. When you walk on the streets, it’s easy to lose your footing and fall. Seniors who fall can break their arm and need urgent medical attention. Furthermore, Seniors who participate in the excitement of Mardi Gras may become physically stressed to the point of having a heart attack or stroke. As a result, Seniors in Alabama may need extra coverage to pay for Medicare Part A deductibles and coinsurance.

For example, a Senior name James has a heart attack attending Mardi Gras parade. Fortunately, James gets emergency medical care and is admitted into a Mobile, Alabama hospital. Before Medicare pays anything, James first must pay Part A deductible $1408 in 2020. In addition, James must also pay 20% coinsurance for Medicare covered hospital costs. Furthermore, if James has another hospitalization 60 days later and within his annual benefit period, James will have to pay Part A deductible $1408 AGAIN. However, if James has a Medicare Supplement Plan G, he will not have to pay Part A deductible or his 20% share of hospital costs.

Alabama Medicare Supplement Quotes

Below are Alabama Rate Watch Wednesday videos on Medicare Supplement Plan G. In the videos below, MedicareBob shows you Medicare Supplement quotes in the following Alabama locations:

  1. Mobile, Alabama
  2. Birmingham, Alabama
  3. Jefferson County, Alabama

Biggest Health Risks in Alabama

According to Alabama Public Health, chronic disease represents the biggest threat to health and wellness. In addition, chronic diseases cause major limitations in daily living. Furthermore, the CDC reports 60% of adults in the U.S. have a chronic disease such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Moreover, 40% have two or more chronic diseases. In particular, over 40% of adults in the following Alabama cities have high blood pressure in 2017:

  • 42.2% in Mobile, Alabama
  • 44.9% in Birmingham, Alabama
  • 41.2% in Montgomery, Alabama

In other words, over a quarter million people (256,458) have high blood pressure in these three Alabama cities and are at risk for heart disease and stroke. Moreover, National Institute on Aging reports seniors age 65 and older are more likely than younger people to suffer from cardiovascular disease. When a senior with chest pain goes to the doctor, it is likely to be a serious issue. Your doctor is clear: you need coronary artery bypass surgery. The average cost for a simple coronary bypass surgery in the United States is $40,000.

Save Money on Senior Healthcare Expenses

With Original Medicare you pay 20% of Medicare covered service and Medicare pays 80%. In addition, for inpatient hospital care you pay $1408 Part A deductible. The cost for coronary bypass surgery for a senior with only original Medicare is $8,000 (20% of $40,000) plus $1408. Thus, you would pay $9,408. However, if you had Medicare Supplement Plan G, you only pay $198 Part B deductible and your monthly premium which ranges from $90 a month to $170. Therefore, with Medigap Plan G your annual cost for a coronary bypass surgery is on average $1560 ($130 a month) plus $198. In comparison, $1758 is a whole lot less than $9,408. By calling Senior Healthcare Direct at 1-855-368-4717 and shopping for a Medicare Supplement Plan before your bypass surgery, you could save $7,650!