Medicare Supplement Plan F Video

Medicare Plan F Video

In May 2018, Robert Bache (MedicareBob) said in the video, “Medicare Supplement Plan F is the most comprehensive Medicare Supplement plan that you can purchase.” This statement was 100% accurate in 2018. However, Plan F is not available to buy for people newly eligible for Medicare in 2020.

On the other hand, people who already have Plan F or people who were eligible for Plan F before January 1, 2020, can still buy Medigap Plan F. In the video, MedicareBob explains the benefits of Medicare Supplement Plan F. 

Medicare Supplement Plan F Video

MedicareBob’s Plan F video says Medigap F pays for “all the Medicare Part A and Part B out of pocket costs” that Medicare does not pay. Original Medicare only pays 80% of Medicare-approved costs. Medicare Supplement Plan F pays your 20% for all Part A and Part B costs. For example, Plan F pays your Part A hospital deductible of $1484 in 2021. Furthermore, anytime you have Medicare-approved medical procedures, Medicare pays 80%, and Plan F pays the remaining 20%.

The Future of Plan F Premiums

With Medigap Plan F, your only expense is your monthly premium, which MedicareBob “anticipates will continue to increase.” In particular, MedicareBob says, “We’ve seen some double-digit increases, which is larger than what we’ve seen in the past.” For more information about why Plan F premiums will continue to increase, watch the video.

Shop and Save on Medicare Plan F

You can use a Medicare Supplement Insurance Broker to shop Medigap Plan F with the top ten Medicare Supplement insurance companies. We can compare Plan F with these A+ rated insurance carriers, so you get the best price! Call Senior Healthcare Direct at 1-855-368-4717 or get quote.