Medicare Plan G Coverage

Robert Bache answers an important Medicare Plan G coverage question in the following Medigap Monday video, “What will I pay when I go into the hospital?” Watch the video to find out what Plan G covers.

In the video, Robert Bache says Medigap Plan G will pay your Part A hospital deductible of about $1400 “every single time.” Why does Robert say, “every single time?” Because you pay the Part A deductible for each hospital benefit period.

Hospital Benefit Periods and Part A Deductible

Medicare Plan G Coverage
Judy’s Medigap Plan G pays $2,816 in Part A deductibles over two hospital benefit periods.

According to, your hospital benefit period begins the day the hospital admits you. Subsequently, your benefit period ends when you have not gotten inpatient care for 60 days in a row.

For example, the hospital admits Betty, and she pays the $1484 Part A deductible on April 1, 2021. Then thirteen days later, the hospital discharges her. Two months later (60 days), on June 15, 2021, the hospital admits Betty, and she pays another $1484 Part A deductible. However, Betty’s friend Judy has Medicare Supplement Plan G, and it pays this Part A deductible every benefit period. Since Judy uses two hospital benefit periods this year, her Medigap Plan G pays $2,816 in Part A deductibles.

Medicare Plan G Coverage Benefits

Furthermore, in the Medigap Monday video, Robert Bache says, “if you’re admitted into the hospital normally, Medicare has a copay starting day 61 that increases starting day 91.” In other words, Original Medicare only covers the first 60 days of inpatient care in a hospital. However, Medicare Supplement plans such as Plan G cover these coinsurance costs. Judy’s Medigap Plan G pays $371 coinsurance per day from days 61 to 90 in 2021. Discover all the benefits of Plan G and how it compares to Plan F.

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