Plan F Vs G

Medicare Plan F and G

Which is Better Medicare Plan F vs. Plan G?

In the video above, Robert Bache, owner of Senior Healthcare Direct, compares Medicare Plan F and Plan G. MedicareBob covers two important changes to Medicare in 2020. First, MACRA law is now in effect and you should have a new Medicare ID card. This law helps protect seniors from identity theft. It removes social security numbers and replaces them with a number that is unique to you. In the video, we show you the old Medicare card. Once you have your new Medicare card, you can destroy this old card. Get all 10 Things to know about your New Medicare card.

Your New Medicare Card

Second, MACRA law changed Medicare coverage for people newly eligible for Medicare in 2020. For example, if you are turning 65 or otherwise qualify for Medicare because of disability or terminal illness, then this MACRA law applies to you. However, if you had Medicare prior to 2020, then MACRA law change does not apply to you. For people newly eligible for Medicare in 2020, you will not be eligible for Plan F or Plan C. In other words, you can not get Plan F or Plan C. Therfore, the most comprehensive Medicare Plan you can get is Plan G.

Medicare Plan G vs. Plan F

So what’s the difference between Medicare Plan G vs Plan F? There are two big difference between Medicare Plan F and Plan G. First, Plan G has lower premiums than Plan F. Second, Plan G requires you to pay $198 Deductible in 2020. When you compare the lower premium benefit of Plan G, you can save $500 or more. In other words, Plan F will cost you $500 or more in premiums than Plan G.

Medicare Plan G Cost and Benefits

So what does Medicare plan G cost? In the video, MedicareBob says, “You pay a monthly premium usually between $80 to $120 per month.” In addition, you pay an annual deductible of only $198 once per year. Medicare Plan G pays the 20% coinsurance cost that original Medicare does not pay. For example, your doctor visit costs $400. Medicare Part B only covers 80%. You are responsible to pay 20% or $80. Your Medicare Plan G will pay this $80 doctor visit.

Is Medicare Plan G better than Plan F?

In the video, MedicareBob says, “You will want to go from Plan F to Plan G.” There are two big reasons to switch from Plan F to Plan G. The reasons you will want to switch is simple math. MedicareBob says, “When you look at Plan F compared to best Plan G, you will save $500 to $1500 in annual premium.” This is why Senior Healthcare Direct calls Plan G the “Greatest Value”. Plan G gets you the same comprehensive Medicare coverage of Plan F and saves you money with lower monthly premiums. The only difference is you pay one-time annual deductible of $198 in 2020 with Plan G.

When Can I Switch From Plan F to Plan G?

The good news is you can switch from Plan F to Plan G anytime. You do not have to wait until annual enrollment. You can call Senior Healthcare Direct today at 1-855-368-4717 or click the get your quote button.