Medicare Part B Application Download

Medicare Part B application

Medicare Part B Application

medicare part b application

Find out how easy it is to complete a Medicare Part B application from the safety of your home. During the Coronavirus Pandemic your local social security office may be closed. However, you can still apply for Medicare Part B by faxing your application to your local social security office. You can watch our YouTube video to get more details.

To apply for Medicare Part B you will need an Internet connection and a computer or smartphone. It helps to have a printer. However, you can complete the entire application online. Robert Bache, the founder of Senior Healthcare Direct, shows how to apply for Medicare online in a video.

You can click the following link to download the CMS 40B application for enrollment in Medicare Part B. Alternatively; you can download form 40B in Spanish. After you have downloaded the PDF file, you have two ways to complete the form. 

  • The first option is to open the application using Adobe Acrobat Reader, type in your information, and print it out. 
  • The second option is to print and fill it out the form.

If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free. The file size is relatively large. So it may take time to complete the download. Then you will need to install it on your computer. Finally, open the Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer and open the PDF file. You can now type in your information.

What do you need to complete the Medicare Part B Application?

The following information is needed to complete your Medicare Part B application:

COVID-19 and Applying for Medicare Part B

During this public healthcare emergency, you can complete CSM form L564 on behalf of your employer without your employer’s signature. Specifically, you can complete Section B and provide supporting documents. Learn more about applying for Medicare Part B in this COVID-19 Pandemic.

Where to send Medicare Part B Application?

You can mail your completed and signed application to your local Social Security office. To find a local Social Security office near you, visit the Social Security Office Locator and enter your zip code. If you signed up during a Special Enrollment Period, include the CMS L564 with your CMS 40B application.

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Medicare Part B Application FAQs

Can I use the CMS 40B application during my Initial Enrollment Period?

Yes, if you live in Puerto Rico. Otherwise, you need to apply online.

If I have Part A, can I use the CMS 40B application to enroll in Part B?


Can I use the CMS 40B application to sign up for Part B during the General Enrollment Period (Jan 1 – Mar 31)?


If I refused Part B during the Initial Enrollment Period because I had a group health plan, can I use the CMS 40B application?

Yes, you may sign up during your 8-month Special Election Period (SEP).

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