2017 Medicare Parts A and B Premiums and Deductibles:

2017 Medicare Part B Monthly Premium Payments:

  • If you are a Medicare Beneficiary and you are currently paying $104.90 per month, your 2017 monthly premium will be $109.00.
  • If you are a Medicare Beneficiary and you are currently paying $121.80 per month, your 2017 monthly premium will be $134.00.

2017 Medicare Part A Copays and Deductible Amounts:

  • The Deductible is increasing from $1,288.00 to $1,316.00.
  • The Hospital daily coinsurance for 61st – 90th day: increasing from $322.00 to $329.00.
  • Skilled Nursing Facility coinsurance: increasing from $161.00 to $164.50.

2017 Medicare Part B Deductible Amount:

  • The Medicare Part B Deductible is increasing from $166.00 to $183.00

Medicare Supplement Notes:   

Since Medicare is increasing all the Medicare Part A and Part B Deductibles, I expect the Medicare Supplement Plan F monthly premiums to experience higher monthly premium increases than normal. The Carriers that offer the Plan F must increase their client’s Plan F premiums to cover the increase in what the Plan F must pay out.

With the combination of the Medicare Part B monthly increases and what I expect the Plan F’s increases to be, I predict that we will see an increase in Medicare Beneficiaries electing to leave the Medicare Supplement Plan F and change to a Medicare Supplement Plan G or even the Plan N.

Why Medicare Supplement Plan G:

The Medicare Supplement Plan G offers the same exact coverage as the Medicare Supplement Plan F except the Plan G does not pay the Medicare Part B Deductible, which in 2017 is $183.00.

The reason that the Plan G is a better value than the Plan F is because on average, the Plan F is $300 to $600 more expensive the Plan G. I think that with all the cost increases and the lack of social security increases, Medicare Beneficiaries will be willing to pay the $183.00 Part B Deductible themselves to save a few hundred dollars in annual premium.

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Why Medicare Supplement Plan N:

Most people do not know about Medicare Supplement Plan N. The Plan N does not pay everything like the Plan F but it is a great Medicare Supplement Plan. Again, with Medicare’s costs increasing, Medicare Beneficiaries are looking for ways to save money and keep a great Plan. Plan N offers a much lower monthly premium than the Plan F, but it covers all the big bills that Medicare does not cover. So for the Medicare Beneficiaries that are willing to have a $183.00 deductible, a $20.00 copay for the Doctor and a $50.00 copay for an ER visit, Medicare Supplement Plan N is a great fit!

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