Medicare Advantage Plan or a Medicare Supplement Plan, what are the differences?

The most popular question I hear: Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare Supplement Plan, which is better?

The answer: They are both good, it just depends on what kind of coverage you want.

Summary of a Medicare Advantage Plan: A Private Company provides a health plan that you will use instead of using your traditional Medicare.

  • Low monthly premium
  • Requires you to pay some bills when you use the Plan. You will have copays, co-insurance and sometimes a deductible.
  • You have to go to certain Doctors, Hospitals and other Providers. (HMO / PPO)
  • Has a max out of pocket for your protection. Once you have paid a certain amount, the plan will pay the rest of your healthcare cost. For 2018, most HMO’s are around $4,000.00 and the PPO Plans are around $6,700.00.
  • Sometimes included added benefits like dental, vision, even a gym membership.

MedicareBob’s thoughts about Medicare Advantage Plans in 2018:

In most counties, the Medicare Advantage Plans have been losing funding over the past few years. This has had 2 major negative consequences:

  1. The Medicare Advantage Plans have cut benefits and/or increased the out of pocket requirements.
  2. Less Doctors, Hospitals and Providers are accepting the Plans.
Even with these consequences, a Medicare Advantage Plan offers coverage that is usually as good as most group plans when people were working.

Summary of a Medicare Supplement Plan: Medicare ( A and B) are your primary insurance and the Supplement Plan pays the bills that Medicare would normally make you pay.

  • You can go to any Doctor, Hospital, or Provider in the Country that accepts Medicare.
  • You will very rarely have a healthcare cost other than your monthly premium. (My favorite Supplement Plan is the Plan G, once you pay the first $183.00 of your medical bills, you are done for the rest of the year!)
  • Does have a higher monthly premium then a Medicare Advantage Plan. A Supplement is usually between$80.00 and $120.00 per month.

MedicareBob’s thoughts about Medicare Supplement Plans in 2018:

If you can afford the extra premium per month, you will love having a Medicare Supplement Plan. Medicare and a Medicare Supplement will provide you better healthcare than you have ever had before. If you choose the Plan G (my favorite plan), you will not have any hospital bills. Also, once you have paid the $183.00 annual deductible, you will have no more Doctor or medical bills either.

We have seen a lot of Companies starting to offer Medicare Supplement Plans, more than ever before. This is great for the consumer, as this has created more competition than ever. The competition is requiring the Medicare Supplement Companies to keep their monthly premiums lower, otherwise they risk losing their clients to a different Carrier.

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