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MedicareBob Explaining Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period

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As I was turning 65 years old, I started asking my friends which insurance plan I should choose. Most of them told me to choose a Plan F, so I did. A year later, one of my girlfriends from church told me to call “MedicareBob” and ask about the Plan G. I laughed , but did as she asked. I called and spoke to Robert, and I found out that the Plan G offers the same coverage as the Plan F except for one difference. The Plan G required me to pay the Part B deductible. Robert showed me that I could save $600.00 a year with the Plan G.Thank you MedicareBob! - Linda C., Happy Medicare Supplement Client since 2013 I had Blue Cross Blue Shield for over 30 years while I was working, so when I turned 65, I just called them. I was happy with the coverage that the Medicare Supplement Plan F with Blue Cross offered, but the monthly payment was just getting to be too high. Senior Healthcare Direct helped me understand that I was paying Blue Cross Blue Shield too much money for my Plan F. I now have the same Plan F with Aetna and I am saving $1200 per year. I am 70 years old, that savings really helps. - Ronald B.,Medicare Supplement Client since 2012

Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period

Medicare has a new enrollment period that starts January 1st and last through March 31st. Medicare refers to this enrollment period as, “Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period.” Here is what you are allowed to do during this enrollment period:

  • Change from your current Medicare Advantage Plan to a different Medicare Advantage Plan.
  • Change from your current Medicare Advantage Plan back to original Medicare. This will allow you to choose a Part D Plan and upgrade to a Medicare Supplement Plan.

Here is what you cannot do:

  • Change from your current Medicare Part D Plan to a different Part D Plan.
  • Change from original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage Plan.
Medicare Advantage vs Original Medicare Shart

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MedicareBob’s office will help you compare all of your Medicare options. We do need to ask you a few questions so that we can get you the right quotes:

  • Zip Code: Pricing varies based on location.
  • Date of Birth: Pricing is based on your age.
  • Gender: Some Carriers charge a lower premium based on your gender.
  • Contact information: One of our Agents will call you to see if you qualify for any additional discounts and to ask you healthcare questions. Different Carriers ask different health questions, so we do not want to show you a quote that you are not eligible for.

I understand that it is not fun to speak to an Agent to shop your insurance but I guarantee you that it will be worth it. Our Agent will help you get the best value for your Medicare Plan.

There is NO COST for our Services and the average person that allows us to help them with choosing their Medicare Plans saves over $758 per year!