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It’s that time of year again! Medicare Annual Enrollment period is right around the corner. The best way to go into this time of year is to be prepared and to know all of your options. This video will go over the best Medicare Supplement Plan for 2020, how to get the best price for your plan in 2020 and what is the most cost-effective Medicare Part D drug plan coverage in 2020?

  1. Best Medicare Supplement Plan 2020 – five years ago Congress announced the changes that are being made to the Medicare Supplement Plan F and with these changes it is no longer the most cost-effective Medicare Supplement Plan. Starting January 1st 2020, those changes to the Plan F will go into effect and as we have already seen over the years that the Plan F’s premiums will increase more rapidly and become more unstable. The Medicare Supplement Plan G is the way to go! The Medicare Supplement Plan G is the more stable and cost-effective plan for 2020. The benefits are simple, the only out of pocket with the Plan G is Medicare’s Part B annual deductible of $185. After that deductible is met, the plan offers full coverage and no networks. You can go to any doctor or any hospital in the county as long as they accept Original Medicare. The Plan G is my recommendation for 2020.
  2. Best Price for 2020 – the most efficient way to find the best price for your Medicare Supplement for 2020 is to work with a broker like us! We represent all the top carriers in the nation and with our quoting tool program we can shop through all of those carriers in all zip codes for the best priced Medicare Supplement of your choice. We can also see if you are eligible for any discounts and we can give you an estimate on the premium increases with each carrier. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  3. Most Cost-Effective Part D Drug Plan in 2020 – We will only need a list of your current prescriptions and the dosages; our agent will enter that list into Medicare’s website. Next we would look at what pharmacy you prefer and put that information into Medicare’s website. And finally, we would shop which Part D drug plan will be the most cost-effective plan for you for 2020.

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